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So i decided to build my own computer, and after doing a little research, and perusing of newegg, this is the build i came up with. I mainly want a gaming computer, but the extra slot in the Motherboard is for an audio card because a little down the road i would like to add one, just not at the moment.

If anything is incompatible/ not optimal with each other, i would really appreciate any help or advice. Many thanks in advance!
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  1. Every thing is ok but make sure your PSU will give you enough power or fan's cool your pc down, good luck on your first PC building project
  2. Why buy older tech? Get an i5-3570k and a z77 chipset motherboard. It's worth it.

    Get low-profile ram; your heatsink WILL overlap your RAM.

    That being said, why in the world are you getting a hard drive cooler but not a cpu cooler? Drop the hard drive cooler - it's pointless. If you plan on overclocking, get a Hyper 212+. If you don't then don't get a "k" model processor, and get an h77 chipset motherboard.

    Rosewill makes very bad power supplies - get something that won't make your computer explode.

    That graphics card is old, out of stock, and discontinued. Is that what you meant to link? Cuz it's not very good - go with a 7870, perhaps?

    Wait, what? Why are you buying a micro-ATX motherboard to put in a mid tower case? Do you want a small computer or not? If so, get a smaller case - if not, get a full ATX motherboard. (The Gigabyte z77x-ud3h is a great one if you are overclocking.)

    Your hard drive link is dead, but what you want is a western digital blue and a 128 GB SSD of a reliable brand. (Samsung, OCZ's vertex/agility 4, Crucial m4, Intel 520 /330)

    Sorry, but the build as it is is just... well, bad. It looks like you put this together a while ago, are buying on cyber monday, and haven't looked at how much change has occurred.
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    would go with this board
    the pcie lanes are better for future sli or xfire being x16 and x8 instead of x4. also has usb and pcie 3.0 while being cheaper.

    would also go with this cpu
    the 2550k is only binned higher out of box, with a multiplier bump you could be at 4.5ghz on the 2500k without any issues and also will save you money.

    Ram is fine as far as compatibility, but those fancy stick will interfere with your heatsink if you choose to get a better one.

    would go with this card
    much faster than the 460, has 2gb of vram, and comes with farcry 3 for free.

    would go with this case
    cheaper, but with many more options for cooling, case space, and also cable management as the other one you listed had none whatsoever. if you want green, then buy some green LED fans and call it a day.

    the motherboard came up under your HDD link, to which i would say, WD caviar black, or seagate barracuda for your storage drive

    you dont need a HDD fan.

    power supply
    cheaper than your listed and MUCH better. Also leaves headroom for a future xfire or sli.

    I would go with an aftermarket heatsink.
    it will make overclocking a breeze not having to worry about your temps being too high with this thing. Fitting in the case is sometimes an issue, but not with the other one i listed for you. It will fit, and keep things cool.
  4. This is why i asked, I currently have minimal knowledge, and no real help available (besides google, but that can only go so far). I honestly didn't catch the mini motherboard and mid case. =P

    And my reasoning for buying older tech is because i want to try and keep the cost as low as possible while still having a build that is at least mid ranged.

    Thank you for your help!
  5. as nice as it is to have an SSD, you can upgrade to that later. the WD black will boot fast enough for you until you can get the funds together for a SSD
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