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Hi, its my first time trying to build a pc. This is what i have so far
It's gonna cost me 100 dollar less then what it says there because i live near a microcenter and i'm going to sell the games i get with the graphic card. I want a good psu and case for it that cost between 40-50 dollars each.
An extra question i want to know if this will run guild wars 2 on high-ultra at wvw. Thanks a lot of your help.
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  1. I added a power supply and case tell me if its good so i can buy it now, its in a combo it will cost 10 dollar less. Thanks for your help
  2. That's the best choice i'd made, nothing to improve in relation to the case/psu.
    Except perhaps the gfx card for a 7850 1GB it comes also with a game and not its not much more expensive.
  3. Yeah but i'm on a budget right now it will cost me 60 dollars more for that one, maybe next year i will buy it. hehe thanks a lot of the help.
    Now i'm having a problem with microcenter. I already bought everything i had in that link with the artic silver 5 less the motherboard, cpu and hard drive. Now the problem with microcenter is they had the asrock z77 extreme4 for 105 for the weekend i didnt know it was a blackfriday deal and now its 135. I was planning on buying the i5-3570k for 170 and the asrock z77 extreme 4 for 65 because they have an offer of 40 dollars off for buying that cpu with that motherboard that last until 12/2. Now its more expensive.. so i dont know if i should buy it anymore, what you guys think? i already called them and asked to speak with a manager and he said that they can pricematch newegg to 105 or i can use the deal for 40 dollars off but they dont do both... he told me that i should call 30 minutes later because they are busy right now and he wants to speak with another manager to see if they will do both...

    What you guys think if they dont lower the price when i call them back, should i buy it for how much its now or buy another motherboard?
    and can you guys recommend me a hard drive or ssd or both something between 50-75 dollars.

    Thanks a lot in advance for taking the time to read this and answering me!!!
    $80 is that a good deal? should i buy it? please answer as i think this is only for today..
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