Question about CPU performance in TF2

Question about FPS dip on TF2. (32 man servers)
I am running a 3570K oced to 4.2ghz coupled with a Nvidia GTX 570, and 8gb ram.

I play @ everything high @ 1650x1020

My fps dips as low as 80 in huge gun fights...But never below 70 in any situation. Normally it would be like 300fp ~ 220FPS, then dip to 140 ~ 80 if there is a huge battle. This is for 32 man server, if I'm in a 20 man or less, I get 200+fps stable all day.

I also turned mat_queue_mode -1 on.

Is that quite normal? I know Tf2 is very CPU dependant.

Also to check everything off.
1. Drivers are updated
2. OC is stable and runs @ highest 55C load (gaming)
3. sufficient power
4. no virus or spyware

So is this reasonable for my rig to get FPS dips to 70, given my specs, settings, commands, etc?
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  1. It's the source engine. It's just weird like that. Is your Windows updated as well? That can help in some situations.
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