PBDS DH-48c2s( dell) cd drive cannot read blank disk

I managed to fix the cd/dvd drive at first and now it reads cd/dvd with something stored in it. However my problem comes when I try to burn something on blank disk. My computer( dell dimension e521) wont read the blank disk at all. I need help and please !

* I tried the Upper and Lower filter and cleaned the disk lens and saw that all SATA cable are good. Almost did all the possiblity out there please help!!!
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  1. It has worked in the past I take it? What did you do to make it read disks where it would not at first?

    Your drive may have failed. You can get a new one for less than $20. You may also have some blank media the drive does not like. Have you tried a different brand of blank DVD/CD?
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