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My PSU used to drive my components with no problems it is now crashing when loading video. I am pretty sure that it is not providing enough wattage to my components.

My question is: Is it a sign that a PSU needs servicing if it is not pushing out as many watts as it used to? Should I get it warranty'd or should I just buy an 850? Thanks.

I have a corsair 650watt PSU
q6600 OC'd 3200, 4 GB Ram, 5 HDDs, Nvidia 560ti, 2 Monitors.

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  1. Are you sure it's your PSU crashing the computer? 650W is a LOT for your setup.
  2. Here is the order of it occuring.
    It began to crash on Windows 7, ONLY when engaging the GPU (Youtube/divix/game, anything).
    I moved to windows 8 for the heck of it and it was still doing it. I unplugged my DVDrom which wasn't really working anyways and I was able to use the GPU again. From this I surmised that my PSU isn't putting out enough power.

    With it working, I just popped in a 5th HDD and it is now crashing on video again.

    Do you think my PSU is not working?
    Bear in mind for over one year it was working perfectly fine with the OC'd setup, just not the 5th HDD.

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  4. hello, there are you using any molex to sata adapters for the HDD's ? because it does seem like your PSU is not providing enough power to your system seeing how you removed your ROM drive and it didnt have issues then as soon as you put another HDD in there it sucks the power out try to transfer the data from one hard drive to the other and take one of the drives if your system doesn't crash either keep the 5th HDD out or upgrade your PSU.
    hope this helps Skarin
  5. Yes, that is what I reasoned. I am not using any molex to sata.
    It only crashes though when the GPU is engaged.
    I emailed Corsair to see if they can send me a replacement first and put a hold on my credit card for the return of the product as I can't really afford to wait with my desktop down.
  6. Here is an update.
    I had some molex > fan connectors. I removed them all, removed all my case fans except for one, removed the PSU, blew out the dust and all seems to be okay now. I think one of the molex connectors is faulty. I will try to connect a few more to try.

    It still doesn't answer whether it is the PSU or not, I suppose I could reconnect ALL the fans and try..
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