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Hello everyone,

My current PC is a FX 4170 at stock clocks (can't overclock due to PSU), 16GB Crucial Ballistic sport DDR3 1600MHz Dual channel RAM and a AMD Radeon HD 6450.
I im upgrading my GPU and i would like to know how big the bottleneck would be if i put a 7970 OC in my rig.I would be running at 1920*1080 possibly a higher resolution in the future.

So would it be worth putting a 7970 in my rig instead of a 7950? Would i see a significant peformance increase?

-Also getting a 7970 would mean a new power supply which would allow me to overclock my 4170
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  1. Get a 7950 and new PSU. Then, overclock both.
  2. An FX 4170 would bottleneck a Radeon 7970 OC even if you overclock it. Either upgrade to an FX 8350 or get a lower end GPU like the Radeon 7870 (best GPU that won't be bottlenecked by an FX 4170).
  3. The 7870 is still an amazing GPU by the way.
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