Is this a good deal?

i think this IS the:

i don't know much about the mobo that comes with it, but considering it's $30 cheaper than newegg (although MIB), wondering if this is legit.

also, i know it's unlocked on the site but does it matter? i know it's only really for overclocking purposes right?
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  1. Its a very good deal. And yes unlocked core multipliers are only for overclocking purposes.
  2. did you get a look at the mobo? i'm reading good reviews on it. :D i may bite on this.
  3. Its a decent motherboard. OCs quite well and its reliable. So sure. Great product for what you pay...
  4. Sold out.
  5. guess it WAS a great deal! hahah oh well.
    thanks everyone
  6. The cpu and a decent mobo for less than what most place charge for the cpu only.
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