hi when im playing a pc game like mw3 on my pc i see lines when going up my screen i have a nvidia geforce gtx 460 and the tep is 73c people said it could be i need to turn on v-sync but dont know how to do that what can i do to get rid of them i have windows 7 64 bit i5 processor and 12 gig of ram can i have some help please
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More about graphic card please
  1. to turn on v sync go to your game's video settings and enable it
    are you running the game at monitor's native resolution ?
  2. click start select control panel
    select nvidia control panel (programs are in alphabetical order its a green icon)

    follow these steps to adjust
  3. Are you currently running the latest drivers, or the drivers you got with the disk, or a long time ago, etc?
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