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Hello i have made a previous thread for my new build but i have made some modifications

Tower: Please recommend one. I am looking at the HAF 932 AMD or ATCS 840 if you think there is a case that will fit the water cooling system without trouble.

Graphics card X2: Gigabyte 3GB 7950 PCI-E VGA Card

Hard Drive: Seagate 3.5" Barracuda 3TB SATA3 7200rpm 64MB Cache Hard Dis

Screen X2 : Acer 21.5" S220HQLbd 5ms 1920x1080, DVI Backlight LCD (getting 2 more i already have one the exact same, just to clear this up)

Motherboard: Crosshair V Formula

PSU: HX-1050

CPU: AMD AM3+ x8 FX-8150 3.6Ghz CPU

Optical drive: Lite-On SATA DVD RW

Ram X4: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8GB Dual Channel DDR3

OS: Microsoft MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OEM

Water cooling system: XSPC Rasa 750 RS360 Universal CPU Water Cooling Kit (Please tell me what else i need for cooling GPU and CPU i understand there is some parts with this kit but I'm not sure what else i need)

I'm not using a SSD because there is not point they aren't that much faster and cost to much money.
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  1. id change a lot of things but tell me what is your budget and what parts you do not need. at this level of hardware, not getting a SSD doesnt make sense
  2. My budget is around $3000 Australian dollars
    I might get a SSD but I might get one when they become cheaper and larger
  3. But cheaper is better this will be used for high end gaming and video editing and photo editing and a little software production
  4. this build will be air cooled since it is pretty simple and the cooler i got you is very effective. only drawback is the colour.

    id suggest not running more than 2 monitors since 3 monitors dont help in games. they only really benefit you in MMOs and racing games

    heres my take. i threw in a SSD. make sure when you get the rig, set it up in AHCI mode and put the OS into the SSD
  5. Not that your build isn't good but i strongly dislike intel, i prefer AMD the motherboard that i have supports my selected CPU and is a good board for over clocking, the CPU get very hot when you put it at 5Ghz and a traditional CPU cooler wont work, this is why i have chosen watercooling to cool my CPU (i scraped the idea of cooling my GPU they dont need it) im bringing over a lot of hard drives from my other rigs thats why i first went with the cosmos 2 but that cant fit a triple fan rad. If you know of any case that can support my motherboard, graphics, 6 hard drives and my watercooling please let me know.
  6. i dont see the point of getting a AMD chip when a intel core i3 can beat a fx chip in most applications

    the cosmos 2 can fit a 360mm rad but it isnt the case that you want to be messing with watercooling
  7. Will a cosmos 2 happily fit a H100 CPU cooler
  8. An Antec Kuhler is better.
  9. Are you getting This build for editing and baller stuff like that or gaming and casual things?
  10. its sounds just for gaming though
  12. i know
  13. That what mother board will fit an i7 and have every and or more features?
  14. It will solve alot of my problems if you can just tell me (and link me) to a motherboard that supports i7, i5 and all my other hardware

    Thank you for all you other comments
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    so you are doing work? if not, a i5 is the same as i7 in games.

    if you need all necessary features plus a couple of extra, a gigabyte z77x-ud3h will be a good choice

    if you want to have more of a premium board, i would get a gigabyte z77xud5h
  16. Ok that's I'll look up on this board and the i7 and i5
    Thank you for your help
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