System keep booting up and restarting before bios...forever

Hi guys,

New build:

Asus P8P67 WS Revolution
Intel i7 3770k
LC power 600W

The problem:

After assembling everything, PC starts up, fans spinning 2-3 sec and then it shuts off, starts up again and everything spinning for 2-3 sec and then shuts off... this goes forever or until i unplug the power.

I've disconnected everything and only PC and one RAM module are on the MB.

As i have a few different RAM modules i've tried switching them in various configuration, same thing happens.

When i pull out RAM modules, system powers up and starts beeping and RAM led lights up but it does not restarts.

when i power it up, RAM led blinks once, then CPU led blinks once, then ram led and finally when CPU led blinks for the second time it just shuts off...

ANY help would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks,
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  1. Chances are you have a mounting problem if case you are using has brass stand offs make sure that they are only where the holes are on the motherboard if there are too many even one it can short out the motherboard causing this type of problem.

    Or you may have damaged a pins in the cpu socket you have to be VERY careful when you remove the plastic cap on the cpu socket.

    What type of case do have?.
  2. Thanks for your reply!

    I have the MB sitting on a thick cardboard so no chance of short circuiting.

    Carefully inspected CPU pins, everything looks perfect and no pins out of the line.

    I am getting desperate now, damn thing keep powering up and shutting down indefinitely....

    Thanks in advance,
  3. Ok what cpu fan are using the stock fan make sure that it is on and pins are pushed all the way, what type of ram you using are they all the same brand?.
    are you sure you have the power for cpu plugged in? 8 pin
  4. Using thermal take cpu cooler, all the pins are down and "clicked".

    RAM is Kingston 1600, and others are Transcend 1333, all DDR3.

    Thanks again for your effort!
  5. If the cpu power is plugged into the board and it still won't power up chances are you have a bad board.
    You would be best to return board and get a Z77 board if you intend to get an SSD you would have more performance from the new chipset.
  6. CPU 8-pin cable is plugged in.

    This is a second board as previous had similar issues, what are the chances of getting two bad boards :-)

    Thanks for you help.
  7. If that is the case i would look at the power supply before doing anything else if you have access to another known working power supply you could rule that out.
    Or the boards may be the older version in that case you would need to flash the bios to newest version but for that you would need a sandy bridge cpu or send it back and get a Z77 board.
  8. Tried 2 other PSU's and to flash the BIOS i would have to get to it first :-)

    Still no luck, tried several other RAM brands and speeds, other GPU, other everything...

    no luck...

  9. You made sure that the video cards were powered with 6pin as well? if it has 2 6 pin they both have to be plugged in.
  10. techguy911 said:
    You made sure that the video cards were powered with 6pin as well? if it has 2 6 pin they both have to be plugged in.

    Mate, it keeps restarting with or without GPU :-)
    It has just one 6pin, i am not new in system assembly but never experienced anything similar.

    Think my hammer will have something to do in a long time, finally ;-)

  11. looks like you have the older version with old bios unless you have an sandy bridge lying around there is not much you can do other than getting a Z77 board.
    In the long run though having a Z77 board makes sense will have more upgrade options in future and you will have access to the quicksync feature of the ivy bridge.
    I have been building systems for 25 years it's in the 100's lost track have my own computer shop that long too.
  12. :-) Starting to hate Asus, anyway :-)

    I think i am going to get absolutely cheapest and "no name" MB out there :-)

  13. To make it just a bit interesting before i smash the mobo...

    I am willing to give $50 to anyone who solves the problem ;-)

    Its not much but, its something!

  14. It does not have to do with brand i use Asus in all my builds it's chipset with ivy bridge you are best to get a Z77 board biostar makes an affordable Z77 board.
    When i got my first ivy bridge i ran into the problem your having just decided to send back the board and get a Z77 chipset board no problems because by default they support ivy bridge.
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