Dual core vs Quad / i7-3520m + 2gb nvidia vs i7-3630qm

Lenovo dual core + 2gb NVIDIA GeForce GT630M



Asus Quad


I understand that the Asus is clocked at a lower speed but it is a quad core processor vs the dual core on the Lenovo. The Lenovo has a dedicated graphics card.

Which would be better for media and video editing?

I assume the dedicated graphics would help, but on the other hand, if the software utilizes processing power of 4 cores, I see that as very beneficial.

(no need to suggest a desktop, as I have one already.)
Im not looking for suggestions to get more expensive laptops.

So I guess its 2.9Ghz DUal core + 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GT630M or Quad Core 2.4Ghz with Intel HD 4000 graphics
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  1. For that price point I'd go with the Lenovo y480 or y580. They have a coupon going right now where you can save $250-450+.

    I was able to order a y480 for $749+tax off the Canadian Lenovo website , as a US Thanksgiving deal. If you can get under $800 it's a solid deal. I'll let you know how I like it when I get it. It has a free mSATA slot so I'll be adding a 256GB SSD for $200.

    The 14" y480 has an Intel i7-3630QM with a NVIDIA GT 650m (2GB GDDR5). The backlit keyboard is also a plus, the other specs are average. (note, 14" keyboard does not have numpad)

    The y580 is at least $100 more but you get the NVIDIA GTX 660m (faster GPU) and a 15.6" screen.

    Hope this helps!
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