Whats your opinion and what u suggest.

Hello everyone!
I am getting a new processor and i want to ask which one is better for gaming* and streaming!

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition


AMD Fx - 4100

I have made a small research about these two processors and the most ppl say that the fx is a pure fail , because it does not perform better than the old phenom.I just want your opinion. !

p.s. What is bottleneck??I have seen it on a lot of posts but i cant understand what it is!!

Cheers . :D

(*The games mostly i want to play are : League Of legends,Pes-13,Lineage 2)
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More about whats opinion suggest
  1. The older Phenom II is better. Especially for gaming.
  2. Whats your budget?.
  3. my budget is around 100 euros because i will buy gpu,mobo and ram,so i think 90 euros for the phenom from a local pc shop is ok
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