Abuse the EZ Plug to supply a HDD - bad idea?!

Hey there,

I am currently wondering, if it is possible to drain power from the EZ Plug, to power one or two HDD.

This should work, as I have just a single graphics card, which has its own power-connetor and the addition EATX-Power connecter is connected.

Nevertheless, it's supposed to be a connector for ATX-Supply, not drain.

Anyone done this before?
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  1. Ok, after testing it on my ols ASUS A8N-SLI, I had the currage to just go with it on my ASUS Maximus V Formula - works nice. I was just wondering if there would be any precausions, so that power would only go one way, or if it could drain too much power from the mobo, so that it would become unstable - but since it is a connector to support high power-consuming graphics cards, it should have worked and it does ;)
  2. Interesting discovery, I thought the Ez Plug was just for PSU to mobo power delivery I guess not. But I wouldn't say that's the best way to power some HDDs...
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