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hi ihav nvidia graphic card which supports 3d stereosopic vision.but wen i -play any video it plays in anoher setting called splender.now i hav converted one film to 3d usig xiisoft.
now can i view tht movie in my 21 inch led normal moniter.i hhav to take anlygraph glasses or the modern black glasses? someone plsssss help me
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  1. Just becouse your video card supports it does not mean your monitor will you need a 120hz 3d monitor then the switching glasses. Yes you can use the ana (Red/Blue) on a non 3d monitor (I tried this out on a projector for fun) but it is not so great neat but everything is red and blue go figure... also you woul have had to convert the movie for ana so it puts the red and blue on and not the flip flop it does for nvidia 3d..

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