6870/6850 & PSU Upgrade

Hello everyone, Thanks for reading!
After learning (lurking) a LOT in these forums I would like to ask for your advise once again :)

A relative is going to Italy soon so I plan on selling my GTS 450 and buying a new GPU (, my budget being arround 120 Euros.
So far my options are getting a 6850 or a 6870. What do you think? Is 6780 worth the ~$25 difference?
My current resolution is 1366*768, but i might get a new monitor this year (1920*1080).

Also mi Antec BP500U RMA'd, but the store ran out of stock indefinitely and are offering me an Antec vp450 :pfff:
So I'm thinking of pushing my budget and getting an Antec VP 650P for $25 more (other option for the same price being Thermaltake TR2 600w and
Cooler master GX 450W).

Would this be enough for my system and future upgrades, like minor OC and MAYBE future crossfire (with other MB of course :D) ?
Thanks for your help!

Here are my current specs:
CPU: Athlon II x4 620 (planing on future OCing a bit to prevent bottleneck) (
MB: MSI 880gm-e41 (
RAM: 4gb ram (2sticks)
Currently running Onboard video (PSU RMA..)

I'm sorry for my lame english, I hope this wasn't too hard to read :P.
Greetings from Uruguay!
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    Definitely grab the Antec VP 650P if you plan on overclocking and/or crossfire.

    And as your considering a future monitor upgrade I'd certainly spend the extra on the HD6870.
  2. omgitzfatal, whoa thanks for your fast reply!
    You really think that the VP 650P could handle (in a year or more) a crossfire and a little OC ?
    I don't know much about aging capacitors and PSU efficiency over time and I couldn't find a SINGLE VP 650P review (Have you own one?), so i want to be sure about this.
  3. No problem, I was basing my suggestion on the fact that the Antec VP 650P has 600W (50A) dedicated to the +12V rails which is very good for a 650W power supply, AMD recommends 600W for HD6870 Crossfire (Plus the rest of a system). That and the fact Antec are a reputable company that make quality units.
  4. People like you make this forum awesome!
    Thanks a lot for your help and good luck!
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