Can plugging the 6 prong pci e wire from my psu into my hdd fry it?

got a newer rig, psu is raid max 630w modular from new egg, fried my DD and DVD drive. on tablet, comps broke
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  1. how did you even to that?
  2. How, where, and for god's sake, WHY did you even do that?
  3. ordered new rig from newegg, would paste links but on tablet. foxxcon am3 mobo, 630w raidmaxx psu for like 59.00, amd 965 be cpu and 8gb gskillz ram. mobo powered up, hdd never did, thought it was the mobo. turned it off, took power cord out of hdd, put in dvd drive, sata btw, turned comp on, lil smoke smell, dvd drive no longer detected by bios. got angry at mobo, put old rig back together, left new psu in though, grabbed my sons hdd and plugged it In. puffed smoke and died. new to this :-(
  4. so erm.... is that what happened
  5. isthat what happened because it fit right in the hdd. the wire coming from pci e thing in psu
  6. HDD should be a flat black SATA connector. Slim with lots of tiny pins. The PCIe connector is much thicker with 6 pins. I don't see how they could be confused.
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