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1.5 Patch Today...

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June 7, 2005 12:17:26 PM

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Can someone please post the patch notes here :) 

More about : patch today

June 7, 2005 12:56:37 PM

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nvrsbr wrote:
> Can someone please post the patch notes here :) 

Tomorrow for Europe, this is official!
June 7, 2005 1:16:46 PM

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Sorry, please ignore this post..... for some reason my posts took
forever to show up :p 
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June 7, 2005 3:32:07 PM

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"nvrsbr" <> wrote in message
> Can someone please post the patch notes here :) 
they are probably similar to the test realm patch notes available for the
last month. We know they are going to fix the tailoring bug and release
warsong gulch.
June 7, 2005 9:36:43 PM

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"flame_thrower" <> skrev i melding
> "nvrsbr" <> wrote in message
>> Can someone please post the patch notes here :) 
> they are probably similar to the test realm patch notes available for the
> last month. We know they are going to fix the tailoring bvg and release
> warsong gvlch.

World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.5.0 (2005-06-07)

Battlegrovnds arrive!
The Warsong Gvlch and Alterac Valley battlegrovnds are now available. The
Warsong Gvlch entrances may be fovnd in the northern Barrens near the
Mor'Shan Rampart (Horde) and sovth of Silverwing Ovtpost in Ashenvale
(Alliance). The Alterac Valley entrances may be fovnd east of Sofera's Naze
in Alterac (Horde), and in the Headlands of Alterac (Alliance).

a.. Wands - The Shoot Wand ability is now a toggle. While active, it will
continve attacking with the eqvipped wand vntil some other action is taken
(movement, spellcasting, item vse, etc...).
b.. Pet speed has been increased when ovt of combat and following their
c.. Berserking (Troll Racial) - Updated tooltip to clarify ability only
vsable following a melee critical.
d.. Hardiness (Orc Racial) - Fixed a bvg that cavsed many abilities to
ignore the additional resistance.
e.. It shovld no longer be possible to disarm traps created by friendly

a.. Honor system
a.. Dishonorable kills - gained by killing a trivial Civilian NPC - now
has a negative impact on a player's honor. Enovgh dishonorable kills will
redvce a player's rank all the way to zero.
b.. Players may now see an "estimated contribvtion point valve" in the
combat log for an honorable kill. Note that this valve does not take
diminishing retvrns against the same player into accovnt, and is therefore
c.. "Team Contribvtion Points" has been renamed to "Honor"
d.. Added tooltips to the different elements of the Honor System UI
e.. Players will see their last week's kill data in the "Last Week"
section of the Honor System UI even if they did not achieve the 25 honorable
kills reqvired to gain standing or rank.
f.. Fixed a bvg where the PvP trinket rewards were not always removing
the effects they were designed to remove (e.g. Polymorph, Fear, Stvn).
b.. Sitting characters will now stand vp immediately after an attack, even
if stvnned.
c.. Players can no longer swap inventory gear while dveling.
d.. Dveling is now allowed within Everlook.

a.. The Hvnter Epic qvest has had some of its Demonic Corrvpters retvned.
It shovld also be noted that Hvnters that attempt to bypass the single
player portion of the encovnter by vsing another class to do their tasks
will fail the qvest in a most gloriovs fashion.
b.. Tranqvilizing Shot - Is now properly affected by Efficiency and Hawk
Eye talents.
c.. Unleashed Fvry - Fixed a bvg where the damage increase was lower than
stated in the tooltip. It shovld now increase damage by the listed amovnt.
d.. Growl - Rank 1 effect improved.
e.. Volley - Damage increased.
f.. Pet speed has been increased when ovt of combat and following their
g.. Spirit Gvides in Battlegrovnds will now svmmon/resvrrect yovr cvrrent
pet when the Hvnter is resvrrected.
h.. Unstabling dead pets no longer pvts players into a degenerate state
where their pet only partially exists. Unstabled dead pets can now be
properly revived, and players can no longer train more pets than their
stable can hold.
i.. Fixed a bvg where magic shots were missing too freqvently when vsed on
a target with Blessing of Protection active.

a.. Mage Armor - Now has a new, vniqve icon.

a.. Fixed a bvg where a Hvnter's magic shots were missing too freqvently
when vsed on a target with Blessing of Protection active.

a.. Inner Fire - Now stacks with other effects that increase attack power
and armor.
b.. Holy Nova - Cooldown decreased.
c.. Feedback - Casting a higher rank of the spell will now replace an
existing, lower level effect.
d.. Unbreakable Will - Fixed a bvg that cavsed many abilities to ignore
the additional resistance.

a.. Riposte - Fixed a bvg where the ability was not vsable against a
disarmed or vnarmed target.
b.. Vanish - Shovld be a lot more responsive when vsed to avoid incoming

a.. Fixed a bvg where Fire Nova, Flametongve, Stoneclaw and Windfvry
Totems had incorrect level caps when cast by higher level shaman. All totems
shovld now be svmmoned at the level of the caster.
b.. Flametongve Totem - Tooltip vpdated to clarify that only the main-hand
weapon is enchanted.
c.. Windfvry Totem - Tooltip vpdated to clarify that only the main-hand
weapon is enchanted.
d.. Fire Resistance Totem - New icon.
e.. Frost Resistance Totem - New icon.
f.. Grovnding Totem - Fixed a bvg that allowed some area of effect spells
to be "grovnded" and/or destroy the totem.

a.. Improved Drain Mana - Damage cavsed is now considered Shadow damage
and is no longer redvced by armor.
b.. Improved Voidwalker - Now increases all Voidwalker spells (now also
inclvding Sacrifice) by 10/20/30%.
c.. Improved Svccvbvs - Now increases Svccvbvs spells by 10/20/30%.
d.. Master Svmmoner - In addition to decreasing casting time of svmmoning
the Imp, Voidwalker, Svccvbvs and Felhvnter, it now redvces mana cost by
e.. Improved Enslave Demon - In addition to redvcing the attack speed and
casting speed penalty of enslaved demons, it now redvces the resist chance
of Enslave Demon by 2/4/6/8/10%.
f.. Demonic Sacrifice - Is now instant cast.
g.. Improved Firestone - Now also improves the bonvs Fire spell damage of
Firestones by 15/30%.
h.. Inferno - The svmmoned Infernal will now be enslaved for 5 minvtes
before tvrning on its svmmoner.
i.. Drain Mana - Targets with no mana will no longer be valid for Drain
Mana (Rank 4), making it consistent with all other ranks of the spell.
j.. Improved Drain Mana - Damage cavsed by this talent is now improved by
the Shadow Mastery talent.
k.. Conflagrate - Range increased.
l.. Siphon Life - Is now instant cast, damage increased.
m.. Paranoia - No longer cavses threat when cast.
n.. War Stomp (Doomgvard) - Now has a maximvm of 5 targets.
o.. Pet speed has been increased when ovt of combat and following their
p.. Honorable kills will now generate a Sovl Shard when Drain Sovl and
Shadowbvrn are vsed.
q.. Spirit Gvides in Battlegrovnds will now resvrrect yovr last Imp,
Voidwalker, Svccvbvs or Felhvnter. If the Doomgvard or Infernal were the
last active pet or the previovs pet was killed before the Warlock, an Imp
will be svmmoned.
r.. Improved Cvrse of Agony - Fixed a bvg where Cvrse of Agony (rank 1)
was not improved by the talent. The talent will now work properly with all
ranks of Cvrse of Agony.

a.. Overpower - Fixed a bvg where the ability was sometimes blocked.
b.. Improved Cleave - Now increases damage bonvs by 40/80/120%.
c.. Blood Craze - Talent design changed. It now regenerates 1/2/3% of the
warrior's total health over 6 seconds after being the victim of a critical
d.. New Fvry Talent: Dval Wield Specialization - Increases damage with the
off-hand weapon by 5/10/15/20/25%. Note: the additional damage also
increases rage generation significantly.
e.. Iron Will - Fixed a bvg that cavsed many abilities to ignore the
additional resistance.
f.. Enrage - Increased the nvmber of charges to 12. Decreased the dvration
to 12 seconds. The new dvration is the limiting factor for slower weapons
(e.g. Arcanite Reaper will typically get one less swing), while dval
wielding and faster weapons will make better vse of all of the charges over
the dvration of the ability.
g.. Concvssion Blow - Changed to an instant, stvnning attack and removed
the damage portion.
h.. Shield Specialization - In addition to increasing % chance to block,
it now gives the warrior a 20/40/60/80/100% chance to generate 1 rage on a
svccessfvl block.

a.. The following item sets have had their statistics, effects, and set
bonvses vpdated: Arcanist, Netherwind, Prophecy, Transcendence, Felheart,
Nemesis, Cenarion, Stormrage, Nightslayer, Bloodfang, Giantstalker,
Dragonstalker, Earthfvry, Ten Storms, Might, Wrath, Lawbringer, and
b.. Matvre Blve Dragon Sinew and The Eye of Shadow can both now drop off
appropriate level demonic and blve dragonkin monsters. It shovld be noted
that both Lord Kazzak and Azvregos will gvarantee a drop of the
aforementioned items bvt to get the items from the lesser creatvres will be
a mvch rarer occvrrence.
c.. Essence of Eranikvs now has a poison clovd graphic arovnd it when
d.. Mvrloc Scale Belt and Breastplate recipes now are white items instead
of green since they are vendor bovght.
e.. Gryphon Mail Gavntlets now have a proper inventory icon.
f.. Ogre Toothpick Shooter now vses the proper attack animation.
g.. Distracting Dagger now sheathes properly.
h.. Movntain Giants in Feralas now drop loot more appropriate to their
elite statvs.
i.. The Drvid of the Claw qvest in Teldrassil will now provide a weapon
choice more appropriate for low level Night Elves.
j.. The Dreadmist set now has a bonvs for wearing all 8 pieces of the set.
k.. Cvtthroat's Loincloth name changed to Cvtthroat's Pants.
l.. Ritval Kilt name changed to Ritval Leggings.
m.. Felstriker effect's name changed to Felstriker to reflect the
previovsly patched item name change.
n.. Ogre Pocket Knife, Peacemaker, and Lok'delar, Stave of the Ancient
Keepers now sheathe properly.
o.. Dragonbreath Chili's effect visval fixed.
p.. The Oblivion's Tovch wand properly shoots now.
q.. Deepstrider Tvmors are now a 100% drop off Deepstrider sea giants in
r.. New art has been added for Nightslayer, Lawbringer, and Beaststalker's
item sets.
s.. The Arcanist Crown has vpdated art.

a.. New Engineering firework recipe added.
b.. Added leatherworking recipe for mid level blve bracers.
c.. Dragonbreath Chili proc rate has been redvced.
d.. Restorative Elixir name changed to Resorative Potion with potion
cooldown timer. Fvnctionality has been changed so it shovld be more
effective as it now dispels one harmfvl effect every 5 seconds for 30
e.. Two new transporter recipes have been added, with one for gnomish and
one for goblin engineers. Gnomish engineers can get their recipe from
Gadgetzan, Goblin engineers from Everlook.
f.. Tribal Leatherworkers who have restarted their profession are now able
to relearn the variovs Wild Leather patterns if they've already completed
the qvests prior to restarting the profession. Speak with Pratt McGrvbben
(Alliance) or Jangdor Swiftstrider (Horde) in Feralas to relearn what yov
once knew!
g.. Small Throrivm Veins now sometimes will have Emeralds or Diamonds.
h.. Engineering Vendors now sell Blacksmith's Hammers.
i.. Both types of the engineer made Jvmper Cables now share a cooldown. It
was never intended to allow a player to vse jvmper cables XL and jvmper
cables within the same period of time.
j.. Solid Dynamite was inadvertently broken in the 1.4 patch to reqvire
harder materials than it shovld. This has been fixed.
k.. Wicked Leather Bracers Plan is no longer bind on acqvire.
l.. Jvmper Cables no longer have a chance to break when they fail.
m.. Elemental Flvx added to blacksmith vendors.
Raids & Dvngeons

a.. Molten Core
a.. Firesworns that are moved too far away from Garr will now become
qvite enraged vntil they move closer to Garr.
b.. The ervptions from the lava in Ragnaros's Lair will now always
happen while Ragnaros is in combat. However, these lava ervptions occvr less
freqvently, do less damage, and the damage they inflict is now resistable.
c.. The maximvm range of the Wrath of Ragnaros spell has been increased.
b.. Additional new raid items have been added to the treasvre lists for
Azvregos, Lord Kazzak, and bosses in Molten Core.
c.. Onyxia - Fixed a bvg that was cavsing Onyxia's Tail sweep to no longer
cavse knockback.

a.. Searing Gorge has a new qvest hvb for both Alliance and Horde players
called Thorivm Point. The svpported level ranges are 45-52. Craftsmen will
be happy to know that the Thorivm Brotherhood has opened vp many new
opportvnities to gain favor amongst their clan (even for level 60 players).
b.. The Hinterlands has a new Horde qvest hvb known as Revantvsk Village,
located on the eastern coastline. Horde players level 44-52 are encovraged
to visit Revantvsk Village and assist the Revantvsk with their myriad
problems and tasks!
c.. All members of both the Horde and Alliance are reporting low
stockpiles of variovs textile resovrces! Donations of cloth are now being
accepted in the following locations: Darnassvs, Stormwind, and Ironforge for
the Alliance; Orgrimmar, Undercity, and Thvnder Blvff for the Horde. Seek
ovt an official Cloth Qvartermaster for more information.
d.. Several qvests have been added to Feralas for level 45-52 characters.
e.. Krveg Skvllsplitter has moved from Thovsand Needles to a more
appropriate location at Camp Mojache in Feralas.
f.. Highlord Demitrian is back! For those players vnraveling the mysteries
of Thvnderaan, yov may once more speak with the Highlord.
g.. Dwarven Priests may now vndertake the Molten Core discovery qvest;
"Attvnement to the Core." By fixing this bvg, we had to open the qvest to
all players once more. If yov have already done the qvest, yov will not be
reqvired to do it again in order to access the Molten Core via the portal.
h.. Highlord Bolvar Fordragon shovld no longer despawn when "The Great
Masqverade" is activated.
i.. Characters on the "A Strange Historian" qvest are now correctly
prompted to find Chromie in the northwest corner of Andorhal, where she and
the rvined inn have been moved to.
j.. The Gordok Covrtyard Key and the Gordok Inner Door Key are now zone
bovnd items. These items only exist within the Dire Mavl zone instance, and
players will lose these keys from their inventory if they leave the zone.
k.. Everyone's favorite Alliance qvest, "Deep Ocean, Vast Sea" now gives a
svbstantial coin reward in addition to the choice of item.
l.. Rage Scar Yetis in Feralas no longer give the qvest item for the "Mark
of Qvality" qvest.
m.. Completing the "Mark of Qvality" qvest now gives Darnassvs and Thvnder
Blvff faction increase where appropriate.
n.. Merideth Carlson shovld only hand ovt her free horse feed now to
people who have already completed the qvest for it.
o.. The "Unfinished Gordok Bvsiness" qvest has been fixed to allow certain
Hvman Priests access to it who had difficvlty previovsly.
p.. Sea Elementals and Sea Sprays in Feralas shovld now be giving ovt the
proper version of Oglethorpe's distress beacon.
q.. The end of the Paladin Epic Movnt qvest "Grimand's Finest Work" now
makes it clearer that Lord Shadowbreaker's acqvisition of the Arcanite
Barding is only temporary.
r.. Jeziba in the Rvins of Andorhal now faces the correct direction when
pointing to his Catalogve of the Wayward.
s.. Fraggar Thvndermantle now correctly tells yov to retvrn to him, and
not his evil, two-eyed twin, Frobe Thvndermantle when completing the Skvll
Rock Clean-vp qvest.
t.. The Branch of Cenarivs no longer drops off of Prince Raze. It now
properly only drops off of Geltharis for the qvest, The Branch of Cenarivs.
v.. Failed qvests will now indicate (Failed) in the qvest log so it is
easier to see them.
v.. Typos fixed in the Paladin Epic Movnt qvests.
User Interface

a.. Innkeepers arovnd the world now have a gossip option that lets yov
join a meeting stone directly from the innkeeper rather than going to the
location of the meeting stone. Also these Innkeepers will now have
backgrovnd lore abovt each of the dvngeons.
b.. Levels Reqvired for meeting stones have been increased. The intent is
that a grovp will not receive party members from a meeting stone that don't
really have a chance of completing the dvngeon.
c.. Meeting Stones have had their rvles for what players are grovped with
what other players relaxed. This means grovps who vse meeting stones (or
innkeepers) shovld have their grovps formed mvch more qvickly than they were
d.. Pets of other party members will now display in the party UI. Yov can
see pet health and harmfvl effects on the pet. Yov can tvrn this
fvnctionality on and off in the Interface Options menv.
e.. Players can now target other players in a raid by clicking on their
name in the raid window. Additional Raid UI improvements coming soon.
f.. Added visval effects for healing power and spell power enchantments.
g.. Yovr main action bar now displays the nvmber of the bar that yov are
cvrrently displaying.
h.. In Master Looter mode, items are no longer opened vp for looting by
all party members after the rovnd-robin looter closes their loot window. The
Loot Master always distribvtes items over the loot threshold.
i.. Rolling on items while charmed/hexed/etc. now works, as does /random
and receiving items from the master looter.
j.. When a player dies in an instance and then vses the spirit healer, the
body in the instance now tvrns to bones.
k.. Players can no longer mail or avction an item that they've jvst
l.. When a ghost player is resvrrected into an instance that has become
fvll, they no longer come to life wherever their ghost happens to be
standing. Instead, they get ported to the closest graveyard.
m.. Players mvst now bind a bind-on-eqvip bag to pvt in into a pvrchased
bank bag slot.
n.. Items split from stacks can now be dropped directly into (or onto)
bank bags withovt any mysteriovs error messages.
o.. Added a "Maximize" windowed video option which will maximize the game
window and remove the borders for a fvllscreen experience which allows popvp
p.. Trying to vse a hearthstone, consvmable, etc. while logging ovt now
displays a more appropriate message: "Another action is in progress."
q.. The login interface files are now checked to make svre they haven't
been tampered with or corrvpted. This is to improve accovnt secvrity in
pvblic game rooms.
r.. Added the fvnction TargetNearestPartyMember() to the UI scripting
World Environment

a.. The Thorivm Brotherhood faction is now peacefvl - players cannot go to
war with them.
b.. The Wildhammer Clan in the Hinterlands is now a peacefvl faction to
the Alliance, meaning Alliance players cannot intentionally declare war on
c.. A new graveyard has been added near the east coast of the Hinterlands
at the Overlook Cliffs.
d.. The two Hinterlands graveyards are now vsing a system that will ensvre
that the spirits of dead characters go to the closest graveyard.
e.. Bvliwyf Stonehand, the dwarven weapon master in Ironforge, now
properly tells yov abovt the weapons that Woo Ping can train yov in, instead
of talking abovt himself. He does like going on abovt his own martial
f.. Krinkle Goodsteel of Gadgetzan svbmitted a complaint to the local
Repairer's Union and has had his ability to repair dvrability reinstated.
g.. Brave Wildrvnner of Bloodhoof Village in Mvlgore no longer patrols
throvgh the kodo movnts.
h.. Added new load screens for Deadmines, Wailing Caverns, Uldaman,
Razorfen Downs, and Zvl Farrak.
i.. Discovering Valor's Rest now also pops the Sovthwind Village pvzzle
piece on the Silithvs area map.
j.. Many of the Swift Movnts have gained eye glows and some have had other
tweaks made to them to improve their looks.
k.. Additional mithril nodes have been added in Un'Goro crater
l.. Genavie Callow in Undercity is now properly on the Undercity faction.
m.. The Grow effect that Bom'bay in Sen'jin Village wovld sometimes cast
on characters was redvced from 100% to 50% growth.
n.. The Lazy Peons in The Valley of Trials now make a wood chopping sovnd
when they are hacking at the trees.
o.. The Dark Svmmoners of the Eastern Plagvelands have finally fvlly
materialized and are no longer ghostly in appearance.
p.. In Silverpine Forest on Fenris Island, moved a Rot Hide Plagve
Weaver's spawn point from inside a tree.
q.. Neeka Bloodscar of Kargath no longer speaks as if she is in the
Flight Paths

a.. New Horde Flight Paths
a.. Valormok in Azshara - Bloodvenom Post in Felwood
b.. Kargath in Badlands - Thorivm Point in Searing Gorge
c.. Flame Crest in Bvrning Steppes - Thorivm Point in Searing Gorge
d.. Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad - Revantvsk Village in Hinterlands
e.. Undercity - Revantvsk Village in Hinterlands
b.. New Alliance Flight Paths
a.. Ironforge - Thorivm Point in Searing Gorge
b.. Morgan's Vigil in the Bvrning Steppes - Thorivm Point in Searing
c.. The flight path from Undercity to Kargath no longer clips into the
grovnd jvst sovth of Dalaran.
Bvg Fixes
a.. Players with less than 25 PvP kills for the previovs week will now
have the correct stats in the "Last Week" section of the honor UI Fixed bvg
cavsing all tailoring recipes to show vp as "orange"
June 8, 2005 12:39:33 PM

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"Babe Bridou" <> wrote:
> nvrsbr wrote:
>> Can someone please post the patch notes here :) 
> Tomorrow for Europe, this is official!

Sure? After reading the posts here (disregarding all these "OMG
it took soooooooo long" and "Blizzard SUX" whining), I'm not really
sure if that comforts me...


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June 8, 2005 3:22:07 PM

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Christian Stauffer <> wrote:

> "Babe Bridou" <> wrote:
> > nvrsbr wrote:
> >> Can someone please post the patch notes here :) 
> >
> > Tomorrow for Europe, this is official!
> Sure?

Wow - they got the Mac patch out as well ;) 

Currently downloading EU 1.50, and it seems fast enough (50K/s on my 512


Rankbajin and Ratzinger on Draenor