Just got a new hard drive, but D Drive "PQService" is full to the brim

My hard drive on my Acer Aspire 5742 died a terrible death recently, even after being only 12 months old and having been treated like a baby.

Anyway, I took it in the shop and they sorted me out and fixed it up with a new hard drive. Everything is fine not but for some reason my D drive is called PQSERVICE(D:) and is full to the brim.

I've attached screenshots below.

I am a total novice and have no idea what all that stuff is needed for.

Can I just delete everything out of here? It was never like this before.

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  1. that looks like the recovery partition so dont delete it

    they should have made it a hidden partition
  2. Ah okay thanks. How can I hide it?
  3. with a partitioning software

    partition magic



    something like those will do it--though you may need to burn a bootable cd as not sure if they can do it within

  4. Hmmm, is there any way I could just stop the low disk space notification?
  5. you could make the partition bigger i suppose but that would probably be by using the software already mentioned

    or by using the built in windows 7 disk management

    but if you do it wrong then your recovery partition may not work any more

    you may just be able to make it not visible to windows explorer by downloading and using tweakui--it think it has that capability--though havent tried it with windows 7
  6. this should work

    Right-Click on My Computer [Computer in Windows Vista and Windows 7]
    Click on Manage
    From the list of options Click on Disk Management that will be located in the left-bottom section
    All your hard disk and its partitions will be show in the right hand side
    Right-Click on the partition that you want to hide and select "Change Drive Letters and Path"
    Click on "Remove" and click "Yes"
    Your drive will now be hidden in my computer

    To unhide the drive :

    Go to Disk Management Right-Click on the hidden partition [there will not be a drive letter on the hidden drive] again select "Change Drive Letters and Path"
    Click on add and select an appropriate drive letter.
    Click Ok
    Now the drive is unhidden
  7. You're a legend! Thanks for this it worked!
  8. you are welcome :D
  9. While we're here, I don't suppose there's any way I can get Word Starter back is there? Had it before new HD but now it's gone :(
  10. you may be able to browse the hidden partition to find the set up file

    or you could use a free alternative thats office compatible

  11. Thank you. For some reason the onscreen capslock indicator has gone AWOL too.
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