Radeon HD 4670 - Drivers WILL NOT install...

With the hopes of playing Diablo III, I purchased a Radeon HD 4670 graphics card from a friend. I installed the card, and my computer (windows 6, 64 bit) automatically installed its drivers... or so I thought. However, when I go to Device Manager to check what drivers are installed (under display drivers) it shows Radeon X300/X1000/X550 etc... i.e., it does not show the driver for the Radeon HD 4670.

I have tried uninstalling these drivers and manually installing the necessary drivers through the AMD site; however, when I run the Catalyst Control Center, it does not install any drivers at all. It goes through the motions - showing the install, that it - but the driver for the Radeon HD 4670 does not show up afterward on the Device Manager.

When running Diablo with the X300/X1000/X550 drivers installed, I receive an error message - the game does not support the video card, or something along those lines. The Radeon X300/X1000/X550 video cards are NOT supported by the game, the site makes that clear; however, the Radeon HD 4670 SHOULD be supported.

Any reason my computer isn't identifying the RIGHT video card? Why does it install the X300/X1000/X550 drivers and not the drivers for the Radeon HS 4670? With the right drivers, I imagine, the game will run properly. But I am at a loss for how to get the drivers to install.
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  1. I have never seen those drivers before. I thought AMD drives are 12.1 or 10.3 but those never. I didn't know that they had a windows 6. Could you post your spec's please.

    You need to use a driver sweeper to clean out all the old drivers in your rig. What was your old card? Anyway when you do uninstall the drivers then when you down load the new drivers.

    When you come to the screen that you have a choice of normal install recommended or custom choose custom and then click on clean install. That should take care of it. Here is a few links to driver sweepers. Let us know everything please. Good luck



  2. I also have that video card but a got it from bestbuy a few years back. i have realized a few things...

    1\ its made by (DIAMOND) not (AMD)
    2\ the video cards is not compatible with windows 7.
    3\the video card has been discontinued (which is never a good sign)

    i found everything here http://www.diamondmm.com/4670PE31GDT.php
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