Acer AX3400G-U4802

I have the Acer AX3400G-U4802 and i just purchased the Radeon HD6570 Graphics card and it wont fit properly in my case. i'm very new to computers and 'im not sure if i'm just ignorant or it actually will not fit. please help

link to graphics card:
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  1. Is it your case that it won't fit in? That case looks like it needs a low-profile bracket to fit. That card IS a low profile card but it doesn't have the brackets.

    Now, make sure the motherboard has a PCI express slot that that card would fit in. I think it probably does, so you might need to get a bracket that has the right output holes in it. I don't know any that have a DVI and HDMI hole so you or someone might need to look. I did for a few and if I had more time I'd search more but as of now I don't know any.

    SUPER EDIT: I lied hardcore. There's one in this kit:

    It should fix the problem.
  2. You can try this card, too .... Sapphire 100292DDR3L, from Tiger Direct (others may have it but only $19.99 after rebate at Tiger) It came with both brackets. It will take up both open bays on the back of your computer. One bracket is for just the VGA adapter and it has a cable just long enough to mount in the bay below the card. Not going to turn your PC into a gamer, but made a huge difference. PC Pitstop score went from bottom 49% to top 23%. Not bad for a $20 investment. Paid $249 for the computer with shipping included, added a $20 card and have a decent machine (not a gaming machine) for under $300. Have my 42" HDTV hooked up and it does a nice job.
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