Best watercooling case that doesn't look to nerdy?

Like the title says I want a case where I can water cool 2x 660ti and a 3770k that doesn't look too geeky/nerdy because I have people over at my house often. I use an ATX motherboard and I am going to use a peltier on my CPU. Ask any questions if you need to. Thanks for the help!
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  1. What do you define as nerdy?
  2. Hilo1222 said:
    What do you define as nerdy?

    Something like the HAF X with leds, lots of mesh and the whole "tough" "gamer" type look.
  3. I just found the perfect case. The fractal arc midi looks very conservative and has spacing in the front for a thick 240 rad and can fit a 240 rad in the top.
  4. Maybe the Corsair Obsidian 650D or 800D you could do a custom water cooled Pc with the 800D That case is great for water cooling.

    If that's too fancy, maybe the Switch 810 from NXZT.
  5. Many of the corsair or fractal design cases are not "nerdy", most other brands you find will be a gamer type system. The switch is a good in between case, it is both a gamer case, but it is also conservative. It's all about personal preference at this point. (You would hate my case, I am getting a CM Stryker)
    Good luck on your decision.
  6. Fractal design define r4... nuff said
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