CPU overheating/Fans spinning abnormally fast

Hi folks,

My desktop PC of roughly 5 years had been running flawlessly up until a couple of days ago, when I noticed that upon loading up my usual PC games, the fans of my computer kick in at a noticeably faster speed than before, getting progressively faster until they sound as though they're at maximum speed. I initially suspected that a software update related to my PC games could be the culprit, however another day onward, the fans started kicking in noticeably loudly and quickly even when running simple, undemanding applications. Today, the computer actually had to shut down due to "a thermal event", as quoted by the warning message presented upon restart.

I decided to run an application called Core Temp. At the time of this post, each of the four cores of my CPU are reporting temperatures around 100 degrees celcius, however neither of the cores have a load of any greater than 30%.

What could have happened here; is it likely due be a heatsink issue? My CPU is the Intel Core 2 Extreme Q6800. My room is by no means warm, and there isn't a single thing that appears to be obstructing the vents of my PC.

I welcome your opinions and advice with great appreciation!
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  1. Hey man,

    Your temperature is way to high.

    Have you tried changing the CPU paste and and re seating the cooler? What cooler do you use?

    Also, a picture of your case with its side panel open would be mighty helpful.

    Let us know.

  2. Yeah need to pull the heatsink off and inspect it. It could be clogged fins, which would inhibit airflow which might explain the ramp up of the fans. It could be the heatsink has somehow come unsecure from the motherboard.

    Either way you need to open it up and look. Also recommend picking up a new HSF possibly? Usually run $30 ish

    Make sure you have thermal paste on hand for re-application
  3. Clean the puppy out and change the thermal paste. Also check the psu isnt on its way out.
  4. I will recommend you download Avast Anti Virus Home, which is free, then run a boot time scan.

    Also you might want to check Task Manager to see if any program(s) is using a lot of CPU.

    What Anti virus are you running at the moment ?
  5. Nedal0 the OP already stated he is operating at 30% on the CPU cores. But regardless, his CPU should be able to run at 100% for hours and not reach those temps. There is a physical problem with the Heatsink/Fan.
  6. Thanks for the replies.

    I will certainly open up the ol' gal and have an inspection, then.

    @Nedal0 - I'm currently running Microsoft's Security Essentials Antivirus, and have recently run a full scan with nothing untoward found.

    @mailpranshu - My cooler is a proprietary one made by Dell, it's the H2C Ceramic Cooling System.
  7. It's probably a very clogged cooler.
  8. cmcghee358 said:
    It's probably a very clogged cooler.

    The cooler in question is fluid-based; is that relevant at all to point out?
  9. It is, only because it means there could be even more going wrong.

    It could be it is out of fluid(leaked) but thats dubious because you probably would've noticed to fluid.

    It could be the pump is no longer moving the fluid, but the fans don't know that so they ramp up to deal with the heat.

    It could be a clog in the actual pipes of the cooler

    Or it could be blockage in the fins of the radiator.

    Take it apart, take pics, etc.
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