Better CPU or better GPU to choose...

Hi Everyone,
I am configuring a PC for my friend which I will build soon.The configuration I have come up with is as followed-

Processor : Intel core i3 2120/ Pentium Dual Core G630
Mother Board : MSI H61M-p31(G3)
RAM : Transcend 4GB DDR3 1333
Optical Drive : ASUS DVD RW
PSU : ThermalTake Lite-power 400W
GPU : Saphire HD 7750 1GB DDR5/ HD 6670 1GB DDR3
(my friend has 1TB samsung and a casing so they are excluded)

Now, the budget is very tight,So if I go for both i3 and 7750 then it exceeds the budgets.the only way I can keep it within my budget is to either compromise i3 for 7750 or take 6670 and keep the i3.
The purpose of this PC would be video editing, light weight animation & rendering, medium to high detail gaming(1280x720 or around) and everyday work.
I am a bit confused here. As you can see, on very tight budget we are trying to get the best bang for the price as per requirement.Any suggestion would be helpful.
(All the hardwares will be bought from local stores).
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  1. For what you're doing, and since you aren't gaming as your first priority, go for the i3. In fact, I would almost say to go for an i5 and not get a graphics card for now. (Or to look at AMD's A10s. Those'll by FAR be the best bang for the buck, and handle what you want just fine.)
  2. I'd probably go down to the 6670. It's pretty easy to upgrade the GPU later when he has more money.
  3. I donno how powerful the AMD A10-5800K is but it is very cost effective I would look into that.
  4. I see the point, but unfortunately trinity APUs are not available in my locality, only the liano APUs are available.
    Also would an APU(a8/a10) be as good as a Sandy Bridge+AMD GPU combination as i have considered?
  5. 4745454b said:
    I'd probably go down to the 6670. It's pretty easy to upgrade the GPU later when he has more money.

    Can you give me some idea on how good would i3+6670 ddr3 combination run games like BF3 on medium to high settings?(not ultra or 1080p ofcourse)
    gaming would not be the 1st priority but occasionally he would like try out some modern titles...
  6. Quote:
    gaming would not be the 1st priority

    Then it doesn't matter. If video work is the number one thing this computer will do, you need as much CPU/ram as you can get.

    It should do ok. I think you said 1024x768 or whatever the 16:9 res is for that. The 6670 should do alright there. BF3 multiplayer will probably run bad, but most things should be ok once you have the detail settings worked out.
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