Movies & MP3's Cause Sqealing Then Lockup!

Hey everyone,

Here's my setup:
800mhz Thunderbird
45gb ibm deskstar
256mb ram
32/10/12 plextor
ati radeon 64mn w/ vivo
sounblaster live! value
3Com 905 Ethernet Card
Golden Orb Fan for CPU
300 Watt Power Supply

Here's my problem... Every time I want to watch a movie on my computer, I'll get about 30 seconds to 30 minutes into the movie when this high-pitched squealing sound comes out of my speakers (real speakers, not case speaker) followed by my computer freezing. I've also noticed that it sometimes does this when I listen to mp3's but its occurence is not as frequent. I don't know what to do anymore! Please help!


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  1. Well I dont know if this will work for you, but i had sorta the same problem, its like this if u are using a VIA based motherboad, youll have trouble with a Live soundcard.

    here is the adres where the help you solve the sound problems.. I hope this will work for you too...

    just copy'n'paste and read it!!

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