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Bitfenix Shinobi, extra fans?

So I have already bought a majority of the components in my PC (with the exception of the CPU and mobo, in which the latter I'm still deciding on which one to get) and I would like to know if I should be getting any extra fans for the case.

It only comes with 2 120mm fans, one in front and one in back, and so as I have said before, should I be getting any extra fans, if so, what size and where should I be putting them? Thanks in advance.
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  1. It really depends of your GPU, CPU and hard drives.
    If you're going to use the Integrated graphics of the CPU and 1 or 2 hard drives those 2 fans included are enough.

    Adding a Graphics card, overclocking the CPU and adding more hard drives increases the heat. So if you have a GPU, the 2 x 120 mm fans in the front are a must, (I don't know which Shinobi case you have, if you have the side window version and a GPU, the 120 mm in the side will increase the airflow to the graphics card).

    The exhaust is the 120 at the back, and if necessary a 120 or 140 in the top.

    Give us more information about your rig to give you a proper way to mount the fans.
  2. I am getting the window version, and I will be overclocking the CPU (i5-3570k) and GPU (XFX 7970)

    None of the pieces have arrived yet, and I will be picking up my mobo and CPU at microcenter so I might as well get the fans from their too and I wanted to know if I should be getting any extra fans.
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    Yeah, maybe you'll want to get another 120 mm fan for the front, another 120 mm at the side (For more GPU cooling), and maybe another 120 or 140 mm at the top to exhaust hot air from your CPU.

    The 120 mm fan at the bottom is difficult to install, due to the PSU cables and HDD.
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  5. Alright, thank you!
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