Old VodooPC, Alienware, Falcon cases?

Are Voodoo, Falcon Northwest, or Alienware cases from the early 2000s available anywhere?

I've heard rumors that they show up on eBay or craigslist once in a blue moon, but I'm wondering if anyone has a more reliable source. I've seen a few of the old Envy and Envy 133 laptops, but no towers. Never ANYTHING from Falcon Northwest (not terribly surprising seeing as every one is custom) or even anything from Alienware older than the recent area 51 and Aurora cases.

I'm looking for one of the older cases mostly because they're more interesting than buying yet another Antec 300. I suppose people are reluctant to re-sell cases that cost thousands of dollars new, but it still seems odd that there aren't ANY of them available. So, any ideas?
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  1. The best thing you can do is try to find cases on ebay/craigslist. Otherwise, you can look for a similar type of case. The NZXT cases (especially phantom series) lightly resemble the Aurora type cases. Corsair cases resemble the Falcon Northwest cases. Lighting can be done to make them more like the desired brand case. But as for the actual thing, you can really only find them on Ebay. Sorry. :(
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