CPU and GPU temps very odd performance? Please Help!

Okay earlier I was playing some Goldeneye Source Mod when so suddenly my frames drop from 90 to around 20fps. I wasn't for sure what happened so I quit the game, my CPU (Amd FX 8120 @ 3.33Ghz) was at 40c which isn't overheating what so ever. My graphics card was only at 75c as well; however, now when ever I restart my pc both my cpu and gpu idle around these temps, almost like they're stuck there. My cooling is great I have a NZXT Phantom Full tower with 2 top 210 mm fans, 2 120mm fans, 1 140mm front fan, and another 120mm on the back. I have a Zalman CNPS 9900 Max CPU cooler which is fantastic, it was keeping my cpu idle around 19c. My graphics card (GTX 660ti superclocked edition) was idling around 30c, now 75c. My power supply is a Cougar 80 plus bronze 750 watt psu. I'm running windows 7 and the interface feels laggy as well. Like if I have a widow open and I drag it around, the motion feels extremely slow and delayed. I seriously don't understand what's going on. Could it be bottlenecking? If so, would bottleneck cause the temps to rise so vastly?

Btw I clean my pc often, it's dust free.
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  1. Have you changed/added any hardware lately? Your symptoms may be related to an 'orphaned' driver. Other than heat (which you covered), that's about the only thing that comes to mind off hand.
  2. About two months ago my first EVGA GTX 600 ti had a problem with creating the red screen screen of death, but I rma to EVGA and they sent me a brand new 660 ti which has worked flawlessly up until now. That's the only hardware change in a while. I tried doing a clean install of drivers recently to see if that would help, but alas nothing.

    Also what's an orphaned driver?
  3. An orphaned driver is a driver that gets loaded for which there is no longer hardware to support. Often they will use resources looking for the non-existant hardware and can cause computer issues. That wouldn't be an issue here as the hardware is identical.
    That was my best offering too... for now
  4. I thought maybe I had a bad sata cable so I replaced it with a brand new one on my ssd and still no luck. This is confusing, it happened so suddenly and now the temps wont go down.
  5. In a sense I just found the problem. When I went to my system properties I noticed my Windows experience score was a low 4.6 My graphics card was originally a 7.4 on the scale, now a 4.6 on gaming and a 5.9 on gaming graphics. Everything else is a 7.6 which means the clocks on my card might be messed up right?
  6. Do you have integrated graphics on your motherboard?
  7. I found the problem. I Ctrl alt+del and on my processes list was a program i hadn't seen called eclipse.exe. I ended the process and now my pc is back to normal. When I restart it comes back though, not sure how to remove it.

    No I do not have integrated graphics.
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    Got this info about eclipse - hopefully it'll help
    if that doesn't do it, this thread may be of help also
    good luck
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