What's the difference between these two Sapphire cards?

I'm going to order a Sapphire 7950 OC but I'm not sure which card to buy.

The one I was going to buy is theSAPPHIRE 100352OCSR Radeon HD 7950 and it's listed as $389.99 through Newegg. It has a clock speed of 950Mhz. This card is Active and Available.

My friend sent me a link to the 11196-02-40G model of the same Sapphire card. This card only has 900Mhz for the overclock, but according to Newegg's listing, it's the same in all other regards. NCIX is offering $150 worth of games I'll probably never play, but what I'm concerned about is how this model is Deactivated at Newegg.

Both prices will come out to be the same, but one model is Deactivated at one site... am I being stupid when I think that's raising a red flag?

What's the big deal between the two cards?
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  1. At 399 you can get a 670 at new egg go new 1 in stock 5 min ago anyway...

  2. I've been wondering the same thing about those two models. I see 3 Sapphire 7950's on sale at Newegg.

    1) SAPPHIRE 100352OCSR $389 OC version

    2) SAPPHIRE 100352SR $399

    3) SAPPHIRE 11196-00-40G - $389 Reference card

    I'm going to figure that #1 is the latest factory OC'd card. Hence the higher clock speed at 950. While the other two cards are standard clocks at 810mhz, with the difference being one has a stock cooler, while the other has the Sapphire custom dual fan cooler.

    Amazon has that "deactivated" newegg card you mentioned. It's an OC version that has a 900hz factory OC. That's the only difference.

    Sapphire 11196-02-40G - $445

    I'm trying to decide between this card and the GTX 670. I was all set to go for the 670 but trying to find one in stock from Evga or Gigabyte is near impossible. I'd like to maybe wait for the ASUS model to hit the shelves. I've been reading though that the 670's are exhibiting some micro stuttering problems. Nvidia has acknowledged this and is supposedly going to fix it with a driver update. Argh... That kinda has me leaning toward a 7950 again. Can anyone with experience with these cards offer any advice? I know the 670 > 7950 in most bench tests. I also know the 7950 OC's with little side effects or trouble.

  3. I just learned about the Asus DC2 OC card last night and I'm willing to wait for it. Any buzz on when it'll be available?
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