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Hi. I'm making my first computer and am not sure what cpu would be best for me. At the moment I'm not much of a gamer at all (the occasional 100 turns of civ 5 before my laptop overheats) but I am a huge multitasker. My average computer session is big bang theory playing in the background while loling at facebook and destroying level 90 on bloons tower defence 5. This usually lasts about 2 minutes before a spectacular overheat! I was looking at the i5-2500k but the idea of having an 8 core fx-8320 deciding the fate of my super monkey is tempting. However, I've heard nothing but terrible things about the AMD and have lived with a terrible terrible AMD laptop for the last 2 years. I'm currently leaning towards the i5 but as this message clearly shows I'm a massive n00b and don't actually know why other than AMD is supposedly lame. Thanks
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  1. If you just need a cpu for casual gaming and web browsing then something like the i5 2500K might be overkill. The 8320 is new and more efficient compared to the AMD bulldozer 8150 but the 2500K is still more efficient than the 8320. I would recommend buying what you can afford and are comfortable with. The i3 3220 ($130) will be able to play games and browse the web. Spring for the 2500K if you want a really nice cpu that you plan on overclocking. :-)
  2. go for the fx 6300, uses 30 less watts than the 8320 and is £50 cheaper with not a lot of permanence different between them
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