512mb nvidia geforce g210 going out in hp

I have received a blue screen on my HP p6150t and it says my nvidia 512mb Ge Force is going out in my computer. Are these difficult to change? What would be a good replacement? I do mostly a lot of photoshop, not much gaming.
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  1. yes, graphics cards are pretty simple to change, tell me your price range, and i'd be happy to help, due to hp's 300 watt psu in the unit, it the options may be a bit smaller
  2. If a 210 is enough for you, they tend to go for less than $50 USD, usually $30.
    If you want to get a little more power but still relatively cheap, then a GT 430 tends to go for $50 - 70 USD.

    As for changing the card itself, it's just a matter of unscrewing, removing, replacing, rescrewing. Just make sure you don't shock anything.
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