New CPU & System upgrade

I am having AMD 64 Bit Dual Core CPU @ the moment
I was waiting for pile driver series to come in market to buy a new system ,but till now no word in market (Calcutta,India)
Would you guys advise to wait for pile driver series or go with Bull Dozer CPU aka FX 4100 or 6100
Pl suggest whether Asus M5A88 IS BETTER OR GIGABYTE GA 880GM USB 3.
I want to upgrade my system soon.
Your feedback is very important to me. :)
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  1. Hi Bhai,

    Piledriver ke liye ruk Jao.

    It will hit our country around Christmas time and you can pick it up then.

    Can you also tell me your budget and purpose so I can suggest a good build for you?

    note: where in Calcutta are you picking up from. I am originally from Bengal but live in Bangalore at the moment. I would like addresses of the shops you pick up your parts from.
  2. Hi bro
    thank you for the input Bhai ,I am inquring on & off in Chandni chowk but not getting positive response.
    I am from chandni chowk ,as such its the IT Hub of city as all big comp shops are here.there are many shops Tirupati,Alco, Eastern logica(Has 3 -4 Branches) all in chandni area.prices are competitive.
    My budget is around Rs 20000 excluding monitor & Hard Drive.
    could you suggest a good configuration in the above?
    Do you also use AMD CPU ?
    If you want I could get you the address of above shops but more likely is that they would also be having thier own URL.
    pl advise
  3. Hello
    I would be using comp for some mid sized gaming ,browsing & the like no heavy duty stuff.
  4. Go with intel cpu, like i3, but not AMD FX-4100. They will work like intel hyper-thread i3 cpu. And i3 is better than fx in gaming. Will also make good with other stuff.
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