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I am building a system for a buddy of mine, and I saw that mobo's w/ Raid controllers are quite reasonable, and after reading benchmarks on the disk performance, I said hey what the hell lets put it in your new system. So we bought the stuff last night and will be on my doorstep shortly. But I um... dont know how to partition the drives or set anything up. will the two 20 gig drives I plan on throwing in appear as one 40 gig drive? Can we throw in another plain old drive
in seperate from the RAID stuff? Arent I an idiot for not finding this stuff out before I bought it :)? Ill take a link or something too, I surprisingly could not find stuff on implementation, just definitions of RAID stuff. If it matters, I have an MSI kt266-r pro board. I am going to install either Win Me or Windows 2000 (if I can convince him that he can play most games on w2k). Actually, I would assume Windows 2000. I can do an OS install onto a raid partition right??? Ahh.. there is nothing quite like jumping both feet first...

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  1. There should be documentation on working with the RAID in the motherboard manual if it is contained on the motherboard. There will probably be a separate BIOS to aid in getting you set up. If you are doing a RAID 0 which is what it sounds like, the OS will see the two drives as one drive that is 40 Gigs. It will also allow you to put the OS on the drives once you get the array set up. It isn't too terribly difficult. You should also be able to put a third hard drive on one of the channels without it being part of the main array which can then be accessed through the OS just like a normal drive.

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  2. <A HREF="" target="_new">Here</A> is the theory for it.

    I'll wait for someone with that motherboard to tell you how to set it up. Unless you know what kind of RAID controller it is, then I can probably help you.

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