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Used Linksys e1000 disk to setup router but found out computer I am using does not have wireless card. How do I set the router up using my netbook because it does not have a diskdrive of course.
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  1. what kind of Netbook do you have that does not have a wireless card?

    does it have a network card so you can connect it via network cable?
  2. My desktop does not have a wireless card. My netbook can be used with wireless but how do I set up the router in my home to use the netbook when it does not have a disk drive. Does this explanation help at all?
  3. can you connect you desktop to the router via network cable to configure the wireless network by entering into your browser? the default password should be either admin or password.

    once the wireless is configured the wireless SSID should show up under available wireless networks and you should be able to connect without having to install any software
  4. I used my desktop to set up the router using the disk that came with the router. I got a message then that the desktop did not have a wireless card. When I then went to use the netbook and choose the wireless network the router does show up but when I click on it to choose it it wants me to enter a security key. That is how I ended up here. I googled with the question how to find the security key and found a few answers here. Still not having any luck getting past the security key question window.
  5. Ok, a few things:

    Which are you trying to use wireless, the desktop or the Netbook, or both?
    If it is just the Netbook then the desktop doesn't need a wireless card (if you want the desktop to pick up the wireless too then it does need a wireless card). In most cases you would hook the router to the desktop and then pick up the wireless signal with your Netbook.

    As far as the disk, 99% of the time Linksys will have the same set up program on their website that you can download to your desktop so that you would not need a CD/DVD drive:
    Here are the different files for that router, but you must first look and see which version it is (i just randomly picked one). This should be on the sticker on your router with the model number.

    Once you get the correct file for your model number you should be able to run the file and set up the router on your desktop without needing the CD.

    Also remember to check the wireless tab in the settings of the router (using the default gateway which may be what Emerald posted above (that is usually the default IP address but not always). If security is enabled (which you really should do) then you will need some information to set up the network correctly on your Netbook.
    SSID Name (name of your Network, you can make it anything you like)
    Encryption Protocol (will be something like TKIP)
    Type of Encryption (WPA, WPA2, WEP (64 or 128 bit)
    The Authorization key & the Passphase if you set one.

    All of this must be put into the wireless you set up on your Netbook to connect to the router.
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