2 1TB Externals only recognizes 1

I'm trying to move files form one external 1TB WD Passport To another that is the same but he computer wont recognize both at the same time only one at a time. How can I move these files?
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  1. Are you using a Laptop or PC ? Specs please
  2. Desktop Core 2 duo 2.3 overclocked 15% to 2.67GZ. Motherboard Asus P5G41T-M LX

    8 gigs of ram 2x4. 6770 Powercolor video card
  3. Finally got a reply at the WD forum. Got it to recognize after going into disc management and turning it on. Now it wont copy says I need to format the drive before I use it even though it has files on it already and works otherwise.
  4. Windows just acts strange sometimes. You just have to do it that way.

    At least you have an idea of the reason it wouldn't show both drives earlier.

    Is there anything else you need help with ?
  5. Thanks for the reply.

    My friend I was downloading things for took both home and they worked fine for him. Strange as I tried it on two of our computers and had the same issue. I suspect he is using XP should have tried one of our others with XP.

    Nothing else unless you can answer my other posts on the performance of the new Trinity APUs. Still nothing much around on the performance of the mid and lower end stuff all anyone talks about is the A10-5800k which uses to much power and cost too much for my use. Was actually considering it anyway till I got my last two electric bills. lol
  6. What's the reason you are considering the Trinity APU anyway ? Aren't you happy with Intel ?
  7. I need the lowest cost lowest power unit I can still play low to mid games with. I have a internet cafe in the Philippines probably 2/3 of our business is playing online games primarily BlackShot.

    So they need to be good enough for good performance on those low end games on 17-19 inch monitors but still not use a lot of power. They also have to be cheap for the computer tower I don't want to spend over $250.

    I'm hoping I can move into even mid range games like the latest Elder Scrolls and the better online games like Mechwarrior Online But I don't want to spend a lot on the computers or electricity. Our electric here is double what it is in the US

    I was looking at the A6-3500 but now that Trinity is out I had hoped to get something better and cheaper that uses less electric.
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