Help! buying a computer for Diablo 3.

Hello. Im looking at purchasing a new computer so i can finally play diablo 3.

I have narrowed it down to 2 machines, and would like to hear some opinions on this, since im not super experienced with this stuff.

I would like to know if this computer will run D3 on reasonable settings so its not lagging out or chugging at all.

I am sure that this one will play D3 very well:

but this one is $200 more, and im on a tight budget. I would, however, wait a bit longer and spring the extra $200, if it was that much of an improvement on the first machine.

Any opinions on these 2 machines and their prices would be much appreciated.
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  1. The cheap computer will play Diablo 3 just fine but the graphics will have to be kinda low. The 520 graphics card isn't really made for games. But Diablo 3 has low requirements, I am able to play it on my laptop using the lowest graphics settings on an Intel HD (onboard) Accellerator which is pretty bad at playing games.

    Blizzard reccomends the performance offered by the video card in the second computer, but you want to save money...

    Offically they reccomend an "4870 or better":
    These are different models with the SAME performance.
    4870 = 5770 = 6770

    Do this...
    Buy the cheap one then try Diablo 3 with that 520 and see if it's acceptable. If not then get rid of that 520 and install a 6770 (same video card in the other computer) you can get one for $100 and sometimes less (check

    this one has most of the same parts as the cheaper one for $50 less...
    heres the video card:

    You should shop places like newegg, tigerdirect or microcenter for better prices.

    Overall though... if you can squeeze it out, the one that costs $200 more is a much better/faster computer due to the Intel Core i5 CPU.

    This one is cheap!
    Has the same CPU as the cheaper one you picked out but the graphics card is MUCH better than that 520.
    Sure, it's not as good as the 6770 but it IS, however, good enough to play Diablo 3.
    I'll give you a 100% garentee that you can play Diablo 3 with this system!
  2. Thanks alot for the fast and great response!!

    After researching it a bit, I decided that this computer would be great for my price range and needs.

    however, after reading some reviews about Ibuypower and Cyberpower, Im very skeptical about buying a computer from them, as opposed to Bestbuy or something.
    Cyberpower, especially, seems to have a vast amount of terrible reviews about people receiving computers that are either not working on arrival, or blowing power supplies, etc... It seems they have terrible customer service, and even when they do decide to fix the problem for you, they make u ship it back at your expense, then ship it back with the same existing problem or others.

    Im wondering if you have an opinion on these companies and if i should just stick to bestbuy, just to be safe with a return policy that i know will be honored?

    Any help is much appreciated. thanks!
  3. the best computers are the one you build yourself :D

    If you can tell me your budget, i'll gladly recommend parts for your build, but make sure you understand how to build one first. Newegg has an excellent tutorial on their youtube page and it is simpler than you imagine :)

    Also the build can vary if you are planning on making upgrades in the future, be sure to mention that as well.
  4. Hi. As stated above, im unable to build my own because it would not qualify me to recieve money back from my works employee purchase program. Otherwise, i would absolutely love to build my own.
  5. I have a friend who bought from ibuypower and his computer arrived ok.

    Have you thought about buying the parts and building it yourself? I'm a first time builder and put together my own machine less than a month ago. I learned everything about my machine. I would advise building one yourself if you're worried about it.
  6. Again. I am unable to buy parts and build my own computer because i will not receive money back from my employee purchase program at work. I am a slot technician by trade, so Im not worried about knowing how to build a computer cuz i basically work with them daily. I just will absolutely not be reimbursed at all If i do not buy a complete computer.

    I would like to buy from newegg or something, but I read the nightmare reviews of these companies and dont wanna take the risk.
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