G15 Doesn't work with USB 3.0 in Games

hi guys! didn't really knew where to put this so here it went.

I've just installed my OS and install different programs. The problem came when i tried to play a game (League Of Legends in this instance). When the game lobby opened i couldn't type or do anything with the keyboard neither in the game or just in the browser. After i closed the game everything worked just fine.

Same thing goes with Battlefield 3.

After switching around the usb cable to some other ports i found out that the USB 2.0 works just fine with the Keyboard, but the only Usb 2.0 i got are in the front.

Gigabyte Z77 UD3H
Rest doesn't seem relevant.

Also my BIOS version is F5, 23-03-2012. I've found up to F11 here: http://www.gigabyte.dk/products/page/mb/ga-z77x-ud3hrev_10/download/bios
Don't know if i should upgrade tho, also can you upgrade directly to the newest? ie. from F5 to F11?

I've installed the drivers for both the Motherboard but also on the G15.

Would appreciate some help, Thanks!
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  1. Sometimes keyboards and mouses don't work with USB 3.0 as it's newer tech, so if you want you can just plug them in the front if it doesn't bother you or you could get a usb 2 rear panel connector for cheap.
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