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I have built a low spec machine with the bellow components. I know what you are all going to say, 'Why did you buy low spec compenents? Because i wanted to know how to build a basic computer regardless whether it was i5 or pentium 4..... and so on'. I have physically connected everything in place, when i turn my pc on i see the motherboard screen display then it goes into a black screen indicating that i need to modify the bios settings and time/date ect.. From the point of turning it on and seeing this screen, it totally shutdown within 10 seconds. I hear no beeps or see any specific error codes. Based on the components i have purchased, can somebody tell me what would be the likely reason for this please? My first initial thought is that the quality of products is somewhat low however, i also considered that could this be that the RAM is not of a good quality make? What i don't want to do throw away all my compenents since and start again as i want this working, which is why i am suspecting it could be a RAM issue.

Video card:





Heatsink fan

Your views would be appreciated.
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  1. What power supply do you have?
  2. It's a ATX-500, 500w power supply, do you think it could faulty? Also,my dvd-wr is IDE but when i press the button nothing comes out.
  3. Sorry about the delayed response. I understand what you are doing as far as trying to build a low spec machine first. However the only thing you cannot skimp out on is the PSU. Raidmax is traditionally cheap, and a 500w rated power supply will not typically put out that much, and can burn out quickly. Simply put they are garbage. Get a good Corsair 650W one, and it can carry over to a new rig. Most likely yours is shot. And just in case, switch the SATA cable to another port in the mobo to make sure your optical drive is still good which I'm sure it is. I doubt your mobo is fried since the BIOS pops up. Definitely not a RAM issue though in any case, even though I'd recommend 4GB RAM at least. The very last thing to check is to make sure the connectors for the front ports on your case are in the correct pins (check the manual) if they didn't come with an adapter.
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