GTX 670 SLI or GTX 690 ?

Hey guys the title pretty much says it but to be specific it is the
GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 670 WindForce 3X and
Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 that i'm standing between and find it really hard to decide between these two, mind you that i will be overclocking the gtx 670 Sli.

But will the gtx 670 sli hold for the coming 2-3 years of gaming.

because i was thinking if i do get the gtx 690 it will only take one slot and after a while i might upgrade it to a 690 sli

what do you think guys which is the way to go
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  1. aim the gtx690 it will beat gtx 670sli, a single gtx 690 is neck to neck with gtx 680sli so i'm pretty sure 690 destroy 670sli.
  2. xtreme5 said:
    aim the gtx690 it will beat gtx 670sli, a single gtx 690 is neck to neck with gtx 680sli so i'm pretty sure 690 destroy 670sli.

    The Gigabyte gtx 670 windforce is almost as good as the gtx 680 plus it clocks better and comes a few £ cheaper.
    are you able to overclock the gtx 690 ?
  3. yes, but make sure your psu has higher wattage and a good brand.
  4. I like the fact that they spared no expense to load the 690 with the highest quality components and construction materials. There is literally no plastic used in the construction of the 690. They used the highest binned chips and the result is the most efficient video card ever made in terms of performance per watt.
  5. PSU has higher wattage versus a 690 solution? yes but compared to older cards, no. The 670 is also made out of good quality components (it's nvidia of course) and the GIGABYTE GTX 670 is a nice OC card that can compete with the 690 in SLi. I suppose that a 2-3 frames per second in any particular game doesn't matter to you I hope. Also, it's cheaper - 200 dollars cheaper. If you want great performance out of the box, get the ASUS DirectCU II GTX 670 - which holds a blistering overclock of 1137 mHz already and comes with decent cooling in a 6 x 6 PCI-E slot compared to the 6 x 8 slot that a GIGABYTE GTX 670 uses. The ASUS one is better than the GIGABYTE one but is pricier (40 dollar difference) but will still save you 80 dollars in SLi over the 690 and is much more rare to find than even the GIGABYTE GTX 670. Quad SLi is a waste of money as more powerful cards are coming out and unless you've got a Quad SLi slot, it's not worth it to to either Quad SLi with the 670 or 690 SLi. Unless your're running the latest games at SIX monitors or more, there's no reason to go Quad gpu solution anytime. Hope this helps!
  6. whats the point of quad sli if we only have monitors that support 120 fps the just is a waste... go sli 670 it's better for the price
  7. 670s by a mile.
  8. i'd say 690 one card fixes microstutter, driver problems, and power usage i think
  9. I agree with both Mogen100 and matto17secs. Especially after reading the link posted by matto17secs. I would buy the gtx690 for the positive reasons listed in this thread. I am going to put my money where my mouth is and buy one at the close of my house!

    Good luck on your decision motorcross11 !

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