Can someone please rate my PC

i5 3540
asus pz77 -v pro motherboard
16gb corsair vengance ram
corsair tx 850 wat psu
msi gtx 660 ti graphics card
ocz agility 3 240 gb hdd
1 tb seagate caviar black hdd
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  1. What sort of "rating" are you looking for?

    Are you looking for advice as to what to buy, as you plan it?

    Are you looking to see how it compares to other people's rigs?

    Are you looking to start a fight, like so many others do in threads like this?

    That being said, this is my rating: "**/orange."
  2. is just want to know if its good enough for gaming, this is my system
  3. im not the fighting type LOL :)
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