Hey Thanks to all the people here on toms hardware i was able to build my first rig flawlessly. Thank you but that is not why i am here there is some problems first of all i will tell you my rig

CPU:i5 2500k (not oc)
Gpu(Palit Gtx 670)
Ram(16 gb corsair vengeance)
Motherboard(asrock z68 extreme4 gen 3)
HDD(1tb seagate 7200 rpm and a samsung external 1tb HDD)
Psu( corsair GS700)

well theres my specs but i am not getting the performance i expected is something bottlenecking my gpu or something because it lags on not very demanding games like minecraft etc heres a heaven benchmark what do you make of these results and again thanks alot :love:
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  1. Well nobody has responded so heres a bit more information of cpu-z becuase i seriously think it is my processor

    I really appreciate the help
  2. On the first one, it says that you plugged in your monitor to your integrated graphics...
  3. Thats weird i Have my hdmi cable comeing out of my 670 and thats what i use to display everything so could it be the computer is recognizing the integrated graphics instead of my card ?
  4. It look about right for extreme tessellation
  5. Thanks for the reply Rgd1101 but samuel is right why would it be saying that my display is the integrated graphics should it not be recognizing my card
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