Will this PSU work with my build...?

will this PSU (

work with this build?:
CPU: i7-3770k(3.50GHz)-might overclock because it is liquid cooled, but I don't know yet.
GPU: GeForce GTX 480 (Fermi) 1536MB-might overclock too at some point (next year...?)
Ram: 16GB DDR3 1333 (4GB x 4)
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-B75M-D3H
SSD: OCZ RevoDrive RVDHY-FH-1T PCI-E 1TB Hybrid Solid State Drive PCI-Express 2.0 x4 MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

I know some people say that you need *at least* a bronze 80 plus certified PSU, but I can't scrape up more than $100 right now, and I want it to be a bit "roomy" so I can overclock my GPU and CPU in the near future. I also will not be getting more money for this anytime soon, so no question about me "saving" enough money to buy a better PSU (saving for a Z77 motherboard atm, so I CAN overclock -_-)

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  1. I will say that you don't have to save for anything but the components that you have selected could use some rearanging and I think you can end up with a better computer. The OCZ Hybrid drive is not something I would recomend and I have had RevoDrives before so I know what I'm talking about . Your better off with a good SSD and a good hard drive. Do you have a specific use for 16gb of ram because for gaming you will never need or use more than 8gb. A case does not add to performance and is just there to hold the parts so an expensive case is a luxury.
    The motherboard you selected can only have one video card and if you don't plan on a second video card then that's fine you can use that board.
    If you want to tell us your budget we could list a build for you to see what you think.
  2. Inzone is totally right, you should defidently consider spending some time rearranging your build. Find out what you need and not what others recommend. You should diffidently post a thread about what you would like for your computer and see what others can recommend for you.

    Now i'm not going to leave it at that because i know i hate it when others don't even answer my question on my thread, but by rearranging your entire build (which i diffidently consider because i see unnecessary things and bottlenecks everywhere) your able to save yourself some money and now get a reliable power supply, along with other products. The one you have selected will most diffidently cheap out on you (and you can tell that by the price honestly.)

    Another note, with that build you have listed, a 650w power supply will do you fine. Even if you are overclocking a lot of things.

    Link to newegg's psu calculator tool -

    It's a great tool use it.
  3. I already ordered, and this all came in as a "pack"
    it was a steal really; the cost was something like $1200
  4. Oh , I wonder who was stealing from who. Give me $1200 and see what you get for it. Should have posted first before buying. The psu ws not included?
  5. Well, you should have done a lot of research before you ordered, i really can't tell you if you did a good job with your build or not because i don't know your intentions nor your budget, but with $1200 i think i could have found a more reliable build that goes together.

    Based on pricing, it looks like you saved a lot of money, but the things you have listed above, are probably in that package for a reason. Did you read the reveiws on that ssd? i read the specs and i was confused why it was only $350, but after reading the reviews i understood why it was so cheap. With a solid state drive, you can always go with fast, but almost always when going with fast it will be no good in the near future. When going with reliability, you do cut down on speed, but you will have it for years to come. The speed differences aren't really too noticeable anyways.

    I don't want to go over everything and make a gigantic post, but you should diffidently look to replace some parts and make some upgrades with this build.
  6. already did, but thats $1200 including two monitors @ $200 a pair; so I actually spent $800 on the desktop itself. But thats not counting the SSD as I have yet to buy. I myself do not like the idea of a "hybrid" SSD, but I can't shell out the kind of cash to get a 500g SSD for my desktop.
  7. Well, since you keep pointing out the amount of money you saved, i would assume you are planning on using the extra money to upgrade parts like the motherboard ,as you mentioned above. It looks like you did save some money, but you should probably sli the 480 with that new motherboard your going to buy sine the gtx 480 was included in your package, you would save some money on SLIing rather than getting a beefier card. And you can't go wrong with a pure ssd. Ocz , especially, is known for creating fast storage devices, but they are usually unreliable and don't last too long.
    If you can't afford a 500gb now, maybe just get a 256gb ssd or less for now and get another one in the future, or just hold off on a ssd till you have the money.
  8. the 480 didn't come with the package, it was originally an HD 7770, but I bought a 480 to go with it instead, because it was on sale for $150 off.
  9. Your under the impression that you need a 500gb SSD? What you do need and can easily get is a 120gb SSD for the OS drive and a 1TB hard drive for storage. he OS drive is the important drive and the overall speed of the computer will be faster with a SSD as the OS drive , then the rest of the data is simply accessed from the storage drive. I have had a lot of experience with OCZ and thier RevoDrives and while they are fast the problems are there and it seems like there was always something that was going wrong mostly it was because of the interface being Pci-e and while it ment great speed there was a continuing problem because motherboards were just not ready for this technology and they didn't seem to be interested in dealing with it . So I gave up on them and now have a 256gb Samsung as the OS drive and couldn't be happier.
  10. Maybe you have a point, but I also need the large speed boost that being integrated into the mobo gives you, so I will need some time to think this through a bit more ;)
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    I totaly agree with you on the speed thing and that's why I got very interested in the RevoDrives when they came out and I would have been very happy if they had worked and worked well. If you get one and it sets up and works then your amazed at the speed it gives you but it just isn't like a regular hard drive so if you get a working setup you pretty much have to stay with it and not change or upgrade the motherboard or cpu because the number of MBs that it works with is limited. You have to make sure that you use one of the motherboards that is listed on the OCZ site as being tested and verified that they will work with a RevoDrive.
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