CPU not running as well as before.

Hello, i just got a new HDD along with a new OS all after a BIOS update.

Right now im experiecing a lot lower FPS than ebfore, almost 100 fps lower than i sued to have while playing not spec demanding games that i could normally and without problems run in very high settings.

I reinstalled the graphic drivers to the updated ones, installed direct x and windows is up to date yes it keeps happening. What i noticed the most was the windows spec evaluation. before i had a 5.9 overall score, begind the lowest my PCU, now i got a 3.9 being the lowest my PCU. Thought this was wrong and when i ran it again i got a increase by 0.1 in every other one but the proccesor.

This was about 2 weeks ago when my old HDD just failed and had to be changed along with a blocked BIOS.
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    Please tell us about your computer, its make and model number or motherboard as well as the old and new OS'es.

    CPU Intel Pentium Dual core E5700 3 GHZ
    MOBO AsRock G41M-VGS3 R.2 G41M- VS3 R2
    The OS old and new were window ultimate 64 bit
    GPU Radeon HD 6870
  2. My bad. I meant window 7 ultimate 64 bits.

    And about the enxt comment im not sure if it taken seriously or not. But sort of. More about 190 to 90. In games that doesnt demand much this doesnt matter. True. But by this i know i will have issues with other programs or games.
  3. It doesn't really sound like there is anything wrong. Are you actually getting low performance in games etc?
    Windows Experience score is a pretty poor evaluation.
  4. Not low perfomance but a lot lower than before. To put it in some way. Before it was perfect i could run anything i wanted without any issue. Now there are times the programs stagger freezes at least 1 sec. Aand a lot lower FPS than before.

    I don´t understand nor i cant think of something. It´s like my proccesor refuses to work to the maximun perfomance. I thought the anti virus was stopping it but that didnt make any sense, i have the same anti virus as before.

    Considered the BIOS too, even looks different but maybe it is because it has been updated and the graphic card is barely a month old now.

    The new HDD don´t think it will make such a high impact on the perfomance in the programs and it is better than the one i had before. Should i try to fully reformat the disk instead of quick format? and change the disk assignated size? from 4094 byts to 64 kilo?
  5. Just checked inside the case, nothing abnormal that came to light. Can a malware possibly be the cause?

    Running scan and anti malwares yet nothing. I thought of problems with the MOBO or even the BIOS. Not sure now just throwing anything that comes to mind.
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