My laptop suddenly become slow

Hi, I have a Dell XPS 14 (2010 edition, core i7, Nvidia GT425M, 4GB RAM), which had been used 1 years+ now, recently I have just installed a new RAM (kingston 4GB 1333mhz DDR3) and updated my nvidia graphics driver and everything went just fine (fast, smooth gaming).

2 days later, I put my laptop on sleep and come back 4 hours later, when I started google chrome and the fan started get noisy ( which I can sense the processor running fast), and when I check the task manager, the processor usage went 50%++. for only a glimpse of time then it went back to normal (1-4%), when I start playing hitman:absolution, everything becomes laggy and I forced to terminate the program from task manager.

I used Avira to check for viruses etc, but it reported back nothing. Everything was fine two days ago and suddenly all these problems, how could this be happening?

P.S: sorry for the long post and bad english.
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  1. If you play, play till THE END :D
    what you need to do that could bring your laptop to normal life
    1) Clean Cooler! I think your laptop had for breakfast some dust :)
    2) Clean Cache! your system has some useless information that stucks your laptop clean it using CCleaner
    3) Place back your old RAM! if your new RAM runs slowly chech your laptop with old one if there is no diference problem could be other
    4) Overheating! your Laptop needs some ice give it to him by using cooling pad
    5) Your system has a Virus! Download or buy (i recomend you to buy) an Anti-Virus program
    6) Check did you put RAM fully! pecouse it may look stupid but check it for god's sake

    There could be other problems that I did't include

    P.S> I'm sorry to for Bad english
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