Win7 BluScrn Registery_Error

I was using my computer normal until i wanted to restart my pc ....
i have 2 OS on my pc ... Win7 and Winxp..
After i did restart to my Win7 ... i get Blue screen while loading windows "The windows screen" with Registery_Error 0x00000051...
i cant use repair , safe mode , last known ....
What should i do ? i can use my winxp normaly and access my win7 files ...
Is there any thing i could do ? Just dont tell me reinstall :O i have around 3TB installed on my pc .. and i need months to recover ... and also to backup :O

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  1. What are your comp specs? Mobo and CPU? also is it 64 bit?
  2. Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
    Intel QuadCore 9550
    Radeon HD4870X2 2GB
    2x2GB Corsair Dominator TwinX CL5 Dual Channel
    Win7 64Bit ( The 1year free os from microsoft )
  3. Ok, did you over clock it? because the third physical core on my Quad core can't be overclocked or I will blue screen, but you are running an intel so odds are its fine, umm nice setup btw. Other ideas would be to reset your bios, something may have gone wrong there, be aware that may knock out your dual booter, endless you just switch it in bios
  4. Thanks for ur reply .. im rly dead here :X
    I must get it back to work ....
    i lost my BF2 CD-Key too .. i need to get it from the regedit ...
    so uninstalling it will cost me money 2 :X lol
    about the bios .. i cant find the jumper its not attached on the board .. wierd ?
    is there any other way to reset bios ?
  5. If you go into bios into the exit section it should give you the option "Load optimal defaults" That is the extent of my knowledge on your problem, Good luck!
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