Can someone edit my build?

I am planning on making a build for my friend with these parts..... however, this takes me above my budget of 650 by about 100... can someone get me down and still keep these necessities that my friends put down?.... needs to be able to play skyrim, assassins creed, batman arkham city, diablo 3 in at least medium settings... needs to be fast when browsing the internet, has to have windows 7 (dont care bout home or professional), as much ram as i need to game, and at least enough storage space to keep 1000 songs and 20 games... THANKS IN ADVANCE :D
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  1. your link doesn't work.
  2. okay well you dont need a 600w PSU, try something like this:
    It will be $40 after rebate.

    You could get a slightly cheaper optical drive, $17 instead of $23

    But this only saves you a few dollars. When you have to buy an entire system AND a monitor it gets tough to do it for $650.
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