Sapphire RadeonHD 6950 2GB vs MSI gtx 560ti 2gb

Hello, i'm planning on getting a new graphics card for my new gaming rig, and i was wondering which card offers better performance for these games, and will also give me a stble frame rate of 40 to 50 on high settings ?
Crysis 1 and 2
witcher 2
Arma 2
resident evil 5
shogun 2 total warrior

so which card do you think is better ? i heard both of these cards offer almost equal performance but i just want a second opinion.
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    6950 has better performance but then if you need CUDA get 560ti. or check out new cards such as 7850,7870
  2. Yes the 6950 2 gig does have better performance compared to the 560ti, but if you just like Nvidia you could get the 448 core edition of the 560ti which is more expensive but, its just all about which you want.

    Comparison of 6950 and 560ti,2931.html?prod%5B5397%5D=on&prod%5B5448%5D=on

    Comparison of 6950 and 560ti 448 core edition,2931.html?prod%5B5391%5D=on&prod%5B5397%5D=on
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