What graphics card to get please!@!@

hey guys i am building a computer and i need a graphics card that can handle:

Cinema 4d
Rendering in full 1080p in sony vegas pro 11 and other softwares
Gaming in Ultra mode ( mw3, battlefield 3 etc)
And watching movies in highest quality

My build:

12 gb of ram
intel i5 2500k
msi mobo
500gb hard drive

( ofcourse more )

Please i need the best graphics card for its price that will be good for that build, My budget going to be 400-450 MAX but as low as you can get it for what i need will be good
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More about what graphics card please
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    Look at the 680 or a 7970 They're a little out of your price range but totally worth it and will meet your lofty requirements.
  2. yeah, im not lookin to spend that much!! what about this:
  3. Good card.
  4. that worth it for the money??
  5. 670 is definitely a great pick. best value at the moment imo.

    try to go for a non-reference design if you can find one - look up the gigabyte/asus/inno3d models, i recommend in that order.
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