BSOD - ntoskrnl.exe & dxgmms1.sys

Was listening to music on Spotify, Playing football manager, and browsing via Chrome when I received a BSOD. At the time of the BSOD, I was just about to go make myself something to eat so I didn't see what it screen actually said. But I do have "blue screen view" installed and looked to see what has caused the BSOD
dxgmms1.sys & ntoskrnl.exe are high lighted red, while it says it was caused by dxgmms1.sys. As you can see in this img:
I think it has something to do with my graphics drivers so I've uninstalled them and re-installed from ATI's website and haven't gotten a BSOD yet. Although I've only played 2 games of League of Legends so haven't tested much.

Mobo - Gigabyte M68M- S2P
GPU - ATI 6770
CPU - AMD Phenom x4 9650

Anyone got an idea what caused this BSOD and if I should be worried?
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  1. yes...this problem is coming from incorrect or corrupted drive ... you should scan your drive solve your problem

    Basically, the Windows Kernal [ntoskrnl.exe] ran into an exception and crashed. This typically means some other program/driver caused memory corruption that brought down the OS.

    In this case, a DX critical DLL was indicated, which means you might have a GPU problem. RAM can't be ruled out though.

    For now, the first steps you should do:

    1: Run memtest86 on each stick of RAM, one at a time. If any stick has an error, thats likely the cause of your problems.

    2: If that fails to find a problem, use a different version of the GPU driver.

    3: If the problem still remains, try testing with a different GPU. Its possible the GPU HW itself is bad [happened to me not too long ago...]
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