Need help diagnosing BSODs

Hello all,

I've recently built the following system:

i5 3570k @ 4.4 ghz (using offset...was at +.065, now at .085, runs at around 1.25-1.28 volts on load @ 72c)
16 gb G-skill 2133
2 tb Seagate HDD
60 gb Corsair Force SSD (running in ISRT)
Gigabyte GTX 670
Asus p8z77-v pro

The stability of the computer has been hit or miss. I primarily use it to game and it works beautifully some of the time. In certain games, notably Rift and BF3 I have random crashes and BSODs. I can run Prime95 for about 30-60 mins before I crash.

I have 3 mini dumps zipped, but I'm not sure how to put them up for others to view.

Can anyone advise and assist?
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  1. use photobucket it free when you upload a photo it auto makes a link for you..all you have to do is paste that link back here.
    for your issues did you use the usb flashback bios and install all the new bios for the mb??
    look at the easy bios page it have the rev the bios is at if your is 0801 the first one then install 0901..then 1012 then the last one.
    use cpu-z and look at the ram speed and timing info..use the spd tab to show the max speed and voltage of the ram.
    use ai setting under dram speed set it from auto to xmp mode.
    you may have to use auto ram speed and 166 or 2054...somtime to get the ram to run without bsod. also take out three of the dimms and run memtest on one dimm at a time to see if any of the ram is bad. then check to see if one of the ram slots is bad by moving two dimms into each slot. check the mb vendor ram quild and the ram vendo qal list to see if the ram on the list.
  2. you might want to look here and install a debugger

    then see if after following these steps, it helps...

    good luck
  3. All,

    Thanks for the feedback. I've been out of town all week and haven't had a chance to troubleshoot.

    I followed your advice and had the system running stable @ 1866. Memtest showed a handful of errors after 6 passes @ 2133, but ran clean 6 passes at 1866. Everything seemed to be working well, and I wasn't having any problems...

    Until last night.

    I got a random BSOD playing BF3, which I've not had problems with so far. Then while surfing the web...then about 2 more times. I went into the bios and reset to optimized defaults to see if it would run stable at the lowest settings. At that point, the computer would no longer boot to Windows.

    I get to the loading screen for Windows, then it BSODs. I tried Windows repair, but that (as expected) did nothing.

    I reinstalled Windows, and it seemed to be working...until I started installing the MOBO drivers. I installed the ASUS drivers that came with the PC, and when it rebooted after install the exact same problem happened and Windows suggested that a driver was causing the problem. These are the same drivers that were working fine before...

    I've reinstalled Windows, and the drivers, several times with the same results. I am currently running w/o an OC.

    With all the random errors and problems, when others with a similar setup are not having problems, could this be a bad MOBO?

  4. I've never OC'd, but I suspect the processor and/or memory could be bad from stressing it previously by OCing - OR - it's a simple mobo driver incompatibility
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