I5-3570k and GTX 670 Bottleneck?

So i'm looking at getting a new GTX 670 (probably the ASUS DCII TOP model if I can ever find one in the US). My question is whether or not that will be severely bottle necked by an i5-3570k processor running on an ASUS Z77 PRO mobo. Will my CPU / mobo hold the gtx 670 back? Thanks.
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    what?! not at all! go ahead and get it, it's an amazing card. i'm running the same build and everything looks gorgeous.

    i'd go for gigabyte if you can, non-reference design and all. runs so quiet.
  2. i'm hearing alot about the gigabyte model as well.... asus caught my attention first, great cooling and extremely quiet. but the wait is starting to kill me. i might just have to let gigabyte take this one.
  3. yeah, grab the gigabyte if you can find one. i had to rma mine but the next one is working perfect.

    i was going to say the asus model is just as good, i agree. i would've got it if i could find it.
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